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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

  1. by   ebazan89
    DEE1388- no this does not mean that you can't send your scores to TWU. This means that only people applying to UTMB can go to that test. So if you're only applying to TWU and not UTMB, they don't want you signing up for that test. The will probably (don't quote me) send your scores to UTMB automatically and then you can request it be sent to the other school as well. I believe that you can request a transcript for $15 each from the TEAS website. They're pretty quick about getting things to the schools.
  2. by   dee1388
    Thanks for your response! Do you know why the price difference? I guess I'm confused because TWU's website has instructions for you register through PSI and pay $110. But when you search for testing centers on the ATI website it gives you both options ( PSI for $110 and UTMB for $65 )
    I want to apply to both schools so I wanna be able to send my test scores to both.
  3. by   ebazan89
    I'm not entirely sure about the price difference. When I applied we just had to go through the ATI website and sent it on after that. Im not sure if they've changed the procedure or not. I'd call the schools and see if it made a difference! better safe than sorry
  4. by   barb24
    hi all, has anyone submited their application, how many words is the personal statement pls
  5. by   dee1388
    Im not really sure.. I've heard most personal statements have been around 600 words?? in the past.
  6. by   futurepedrn22
    Hey guys! I'm applying for the Spring of 2013 and just recently took the TEAS V and score an 84%! But I had a question! I live in San Antonio, and I took it at a nursing school for an ADN! It was the only testing center left and it was meant for those students only! So on my testing results it states my program type is ADN! I'm wondering if this will affect me in anyway sending my results to UTMB?!
  7. by   telma09
    Congrats on your score!
    It shouldnt as long as the version you took is the same they require which im sure it is.
    All you need to do is request ATI to send your transcripts to UTMB, i think theres a small fee for that though.
  8. by   barb24
    thanks dee1388,
    i wrote about 620 words, i think thats enough. how far ve u gone about ur application.
  9. by   P.U.S.H.
    hey guys i too am applying for the spring2013 semester...i was working on my nursingcas application and had a couple of questions...for whatever reason the 'completed star' isn't lighting up for my secondary school, colleges attended section. i put in the hs i graduated from as well as both institutions i have attended and i have also sent in my transcripts and they have been received at nursingcas. any idea why im having this problem?

    also is the personal statement yall referring to the one on nursingcas or the utmb's personal statement that you have to provide at the time of the interview? i was trying to do the personal statement on nursingcas but the first drop down menu isn't showing for me only the
    (required) and the
    (required) im not able to view the
    personal statement:
    (required) part.

    any help?
  10. by   dee1388
    Quote from barb24
    thanks dee1388,
    i wrote about 620 words, i think thats enough. how far ve u gone about ur application.
    Not very far I am waiting till the end of the semester to send my transcripts and I take my TEAS June 1st. Im very nervous!!!
    Do you know if we have to send transcripts to both NursingCas and UTMB ??
  11. by   futurepedrn22
    Hey guys! I finished my personal statement and it was around the length as yours barb24! BUT when I went to put on my NursingCAS application the limit is less than 500 words!!! I have no idea if we send it to both UTMB and NursingCAS... on the website this is what I found!:
    For Spring 2013 Admission:

    All applicants must use the centralized nursing application, NursingCAS. When applications are complete and verified by NursingCAS, the UTMB Office of Enrollment Services will be notified and will send each applicant a supplemental application via email. Applicants will be required to pay an application fee to NursingCAS and UTMB.

    All applications must be complete at NursingCAS by the appropriate deadlines, which are listed under the Admissions Process menu.

    If you need additional instructions or experience difficulties with the application, please contact NursingCAS as listed on their website.
  12. by   barb24
    Hi futurepedrn22
    i wrote about 620 words and when i was about uploading it into nursingcas application i couldn't. i then had to call nursingcas and they said i couldn't upload it if it goes above their words count which is about 470 words. so i had to delete some part of my personal statement.
  13. by   futurepedrn22
    How far is everyone in their application process?! I'm getting soooo nervous! I'm probably going to end up with a GPA in the 2.9-3.0 area ! I've been stalking other UTMB forums and there are A LOT of people who've failed and dropped a lot of classes! I've never failed or dropped, and have NEVER made lower than a C! I'm just hoping my TEAS Score (which is an 84) and my personal statement will help me!!