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Hey guys! :) The application period for UTMB Spring 2013 is now open! Have any of you already applied/ taken the teas? Good luck to all!... Read More

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    Hi! My pre-req GPA is 3.22, over all 3.6 and science GPA is 3.0. I just started the NursingCAS it is pretty user friendly. I have not taken the TEAS, has anyone taken it?? any advise, was it hard? what did yall use to study?? thank you in advance )

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    Hi dee1388!

    The TEAS is a little more difficult than most tests, especially the science part. The study guide for the test really helps! you can buy it from the ATI website.
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    hi! has anyone completed the nursingcas application, i am finding the coursework section quite confusing, any help will do, and also do we require references and essay for the application. I am also planning on taking TEAS on 24th of this month. Thanks
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    hi! has anyone completed the nursingcas application, i am finding the coursework section quite confusing, any help will do, and also do we require references and essay for the application. I am also planning on taking TEAS on 24th of this month. Thanks
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    Barb24 there is a video you can watch on how to enter coursework.
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    Can anyone tell me about the personal statement, how long does it have to be? or How long was yours? What did you talk about? etc.
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    Hello... I am planning on applying to UTMB this time around. I am currently trying to figure out everything I would need to gt done before the deadline. I hear the TEAS is pretty challenging so I will probably breakdown and get the study guide... sigh. Is there anyone who has gone through the process before and is willing to share any info? Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone!
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    Hi there. I got into UTMB for Fall 2012. I am turning down my seat there to attend UTHSC this Fall, but I can possibly help y'all out.

    UTMB puts a LOT of emphasis on the personal statement. It is suppose to be 700 words - tops, and it is your chance to explain why you want to be a nurse, and explain any lapses in education/bad grades/ etc. I can honestly say PUT YOUR HEART INTO THIS STATEMENT!!! Many a student have been called in for an interview because of their statements alone, not to mention others have been called in because their statement created a discrepancy in thier transcripts. This step is VERY IMPORTANT to them. Applicants have been known to not get interviews because they didn't put ANY effort into their statements. I really cannot emphasis enough how important this step is.....

    The TEAS - STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! That test is SOOOO much harder than the HESI. It combines just about every kind of science you learned in high school. There is earth science, AP, Chem, etc. If you learned it in High School, it is a science you need to know. There are even some Physics (but not much at all). But do not forget to study the other areas as well. If you can purchase the practice tests, DO IT!! They help!! And an FYI - I made a 76. And they told me that was good! I was unhappy with that grade, but apparently they REALLY liked it! Go figure

    Your GPA - They calculate ALL your classes into your GPA. Not just your pre-reqs and they do not look at individual GPA's like your sciences. It is ONE number to them. If you have a previous degree then they look at that too... They had my GPA calculated around 3.3 (I had a bad semester when I was 19 - and I explained that in my statement)

    NursingCas - Get your stuff in early! They usually take up to 4 weeks or more to get all your documents input before they will send everything to UTMB. And they will not send your application over until it is complete (you can still be taking pre-reqs). I did not have to use the program, but I was told that when I went for my interview (during Spring Break - March) that they were still getting documents from the system. Try not to wait till the last minute to apply. START EARLY!

    Interview - MAKE AN INPRESSION BUT BE PROPER!!!!! DRESS PROFESSIONAL!!! I bought a pencil skirt and jacket to wear. I was able to laugh with my interviewer and she was impressed with my knowledge... I had an opportunity to show her that Nursing is not something new to me.....

    Please look at the posts from Fall 2012 applicants. I posted LOTS of information, as I found it out, throughout the semester. Try to go to an information seminar and be friendly with all the staff that are giving you the info. I can say that having them remember you, in a good way, would be benefitial.

    If anybody has any other questions, please feel free to PM me. I will be more than willing to answer and help whenever I can.

    GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Thanks for that info Hemphia! Good luck to everyone applying!!
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    Thanks Hemphia... congrats if I have not told you already. I am worried about the overalll gpa because I had more than just a bad semester.

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