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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and filled in the application. Now... Read More

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    Okay so this is the info I got out of today...basically they acted like they were no were near the time when we should expect to hear anything back, basically they just started because they just finished summer, and they continued to stress how important it is to just be patient! Also they said as of right now 400 people are considered complete but they are expecting roughly seven hundred to have applied overall which kind of relieved me, also they said they accept usually 110 students but this semester they were considering accepting 120 so hey if I'm one of those 10 sounds good to me! There was also students stressing how important it is to not work a lot and really prepare to be super organized And expect to study like 3 hrs a day at the least, lol which is what I think we all kind of expect! When I asked about gpa 3.4 was the lowest out of the four students, and that student with 3.4 was waitlisted and didn't find out until about a month before the program started so that really freaked me out because I only have a 3.54 anyways!!!! Ah I'm anxious! Oh And they said for the schedule it always varies but usually you have lecture twice a week and you rotate between lab and clinicals like one week two days of lab and the next week two days of clinicals but that could always change!!!

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    Ah, dang... no where near releasing letters? How depressing... I just hope they don't let us know too last minute so that we have time to get apartments and move there and everything. Too bad they didn't say around a certain date... They should really let the people who applied before the deadline know before the others.
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    I agree, I already found an apartment I love just gotta find a roommate, I feel weird I've never had to look for a roommate before lol
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    Haha yeah I know! Hopefully I will be moving with my sister who is applying as well. I just dont want to sign a lease or anything until I know for sure you know? So stressful!
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    Oh that's awesome y'all are applying together, good luck!
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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    Awesome! Thanks Tess! What else did they say at orientation? How was it? Did they say when they will be releasing acceptance letters?
    I hope it's still not mid/late may
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    Quote from tessthebest
    I went to the orientation today they said the link won't be up until about six weeks before school starts!
    Did they explain as to why the date was pushed from jan 15 to feb 15?
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    Is anyone thinking about working AND going to school? I've heard so many horror stories snout multitasking like that
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    Just logged on to Mystar and to my surprise a Green Check appears. My hands are literally shaking right now.
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    Quote from clementine17
    Just logged on to Mystar and to my surprise a Green Check appears. My hands are literally shaking right now.
    Congrats....I know you are excited

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