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hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and... Read More

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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    Well, I recieved an acceptance letter but no other forms included with the letter nor was my mystar changed so I can accept admittance. Clementine, did you recieve a letter or anything in the mail yet? I tried calling them to get this fixed...
    Well a letter is better than nothing!! You got me all excited and I even went to go check my mail with no luck lol
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    True! But there is no way for me to accept admittance and none of the forms that were supposed to be attatched were attatched. So stressful... hopefully it gets fixed in time I only have until next friday...
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    Quote from tessthebest
    Yes I finished my associates degree at San jac in December, and I'm in the same position you are I work as a nurse tech at clear lake regional and ideally I would like to get a nurse tech prn position at utmb, and I was hoping they might even help us pay for our tuition! That would be amazing! Anyways I just really want this as I'm sure everyone does, just can't wait to know forsure or not!! I feel like the experiance I have does give me a little edge in my personal statement anywys hope everyone's enjoying their spring break, and the apartment I've found I like is 2bedroom 2bathroom a little over 1000 sq feet and $370 per person plus offcoarse any bills! So once we
    Start finding out about acceptances if anyone's interested just let me know!
    I finished my associates in Aug. This is the second semester I've applied and I'm having sooo much anxiety about getting accepted or not.. I got wait-listed last semester with no luck and retook my TEAS and a couple courses to improve my application. My GPA kinda sucks.. :/ I'm so nervous..
    How long have you worked at clear lake regional? What unit? Part of me kinda wishes that nursing schools would require some sort of nursing experience before you apply because I see some of the nursing students that do clinicals in our units and they have all the book smarts but they don't "know" the job. (if that make sense..) Maybe I'm just being a little bitter :P
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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    True! But there is no way for me to accept admittance and none of the forms that were supposed to be attatched were attatched. So stressful... hopefully it gets fixed in time I only have until next friday...
    You said you tried to call them already?
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    Yes... I did... They didn't really know what to do. I think the people in charge were already out of office so all I could do was just send an email to be fowarded on I guess.
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    You're going to be accepted!! I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd give it until tomorrow around 3pm and call them again. They should EASILY have the records of who was accepted or not..
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    Yeah thats what I am going to do! Hopefully it gets worked out... Just didn't really picture getting my acceptence letter as adding even more stress and uncertainty.. ugh!
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    I've decided to start (attempting) to do some ridiculous grocery couponing to help pass the time.. and perhaps save me some money for school!!
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    Is UTMB your top choice?
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    Right now it is looking like it is because I am highly doubtful of getting accepted into UT-Houston haha and I have heard nothing but good things about UTMB.
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    Aw why do you think that?
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    Just from reading past semester forms it just seems like an intense selection process.
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    Check you mail box! I'm accepted into the program!!!