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Hello! I searched the site and seen no one made a topic about the people trying to enter in Fall 2013 so here is it :up: I am applying to UTMB for Fall 2013. I've written my personal statement and... Read More

  1. by   carlajeanx3
    Thank you! That is good to hear I was a little worried about it. It kind of took them a long time to get everything in! Hopefully I don't miss the dealine :/.

    Js, you can submit your ap before they get your transcripts!
  2. by   gwin2015
    Hi Carlajeanx3, I first submitted my application and I immediately sent/ordered official transcripts from all colleges attended. It is better if you use the NursingCAS transcript request form since it has your NursingCAS ID so that your transcript can easily be matched to your application file. This worked perfectly for my summer, 2013 entry application as my file is already complete much earlier than the application deadline (01/03/2003). Very important is that send your official transcripts well in advance (several weeks, if not months) before the application deadline. After they received my transcripts, it took NursingCAS more than two weeks to verify my transcripts. For UTMB, TEAS scores are directly sent to the school NOT to NursingCAS. It is my hope that we will be accepted to either UTHSC-Houston or UTMB, or both!!
  3. by   carlajeanx3
    Oh wow yeah I wish I could have finished it all earlier but I did not have 40 hours until this semester finished and my school is weird about ordering transcripts so we can't order it till next week.. So frustrating... Maybe I can still make it in time! Ive already finished everything for uthsc so hopefully we get into all of our choices and then just have a tough decision!
  4. by   jshanice11
    i was debating if i should wait until my final grades to be up for this semester but it was going to take too long so i just sent in the hours i had, i believe its 40 on the dot. i submitted my app just waiting on them to receive my transcript. ive been preparing for the TEAS and praying lol
  5. by   tessthebest
    I've already submitted my application just having to wait till tomorrow morning to send my transcripts I'm like a Lp of people I wanted to wait to have this semesters grades on there because I'm actually done with all of my classes after this semester I just hope They get everything processes in time
  6. by   Bippy798
    Hey everyone, I am also submitting my application for the Fall at UTMB. I just finished my personal statement and will upload it tonight when I get home and hit the scary submit button. I luckily took the TEAS back in May so that I wouldn't have to worry about it now (for those wondering, I checked with the nursing adviser and it does not go to NCAS, just to the college). Fingers crossed for everyone!

    Does anyone have a clue how many applicants vs. spots there generally are?
  7. by   gwin2015
    Does anyone know if UTMB fall 2013 entry follows the Fall-Spring-Summer-Fall or Fall-Spring-Fall-Spring sequence?
  8. by   jshanice11
    i was wondering the same thing about if you can take classes during the summer and about how many ppl they accept. also my school hasn't sent off my transcript, but i'm now and can't drive down there to give them the transcript request form. is it required to send the transcripts with the form or can you just get it sent w/o it?
  9. by   carlajeanx3
    I was also wondering about the sequence of the semesters. And to be safe I would for sure send the form with your transcript. When I called to ask if it had to be directly attached they seemed to be pretty specific about how the transcript needed to be received.
  10. by   tessthebest
    It is fall spring summer fall, and for that reason it is my top preference school, I wanna be a nurse already!!!!
  11. by   tessthebest
    Just wondering if anyone knows because i'm so afraid that nursing cas won't get everything processed in time, lets say worse case, i don't receive the supplemental application in time to have it turned in my january 15 do you think that they would still review my application? Also wondering what people thought about the teas test, i'm taking it jan. 4th and kinda nerves. I can't say i've been studying as much as i would like to
  12. by   gwin2015
    Tessthebest, thank you for that information. I also like that it is fall spring summer and fall, 16 months. We will be job ready 5 months in advance.
  13. by   clementine17
    Tessthebest, the supplemental application isn't due on Jan 15, only the nursingCAS app. Utmb will send you the supplemental app after they receive your nursingCAS application then once u get that in the mail you'll have 2 weeks to submit it online.