UTHSCSA Spring 2013

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    Hey guys
    Since i didn't see a chain post for UTHSCSA, so I decided to start one. I believe such a process is a good idea where everyone who has questions gets help and pointers from other students. So here we go.. and lets some acceptance letter from UTHSCSA!!!

    So far: I am on waiting list for uthscsa for fall 2012...they haven't turned me down yet? I don't think I still have hope for fall but its all new start and now on to Spring.

    I have submitted my NursingCAS..taking some summer class to refrest A&P and chem.. and I am taking my TEAS exam again THIS saturday 16th, I am so nervous and going crazy... The last time I took it was so hard a lot harder than HESI... But tats life...so I am hoping that my previous exposure to TEAS would help me this time.. Keeping Fingers crossed and praying..

    So good Luck everyone....

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    I got an e-mail from uthscsa yesterday saying that I was eligible for admissions and that the supplemental application will be e-mailed in late July/early August.
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    Thanks you... I emailed Brandy yesterday but she hasn't emailed me back.. Was there anything else to b send besides NursingCAS..isn't that due on July 1st?
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    The only things I did was submit my nursingcas application and sent a copy of my test score. I was beginning to worry because I submitted my application on may 15th.
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    hi everyone. new to the boards, was curious if anyone has heard from uthsc yet? since they extended the deadline, i was able to apply for spring admission.
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    the last email I got was about a month ago that stated that I would recieve the supplemental application late july/early august. I have not recieved it yet though, still waiting. I wonder if anyone knows when it will be sent out??
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    An email response from the admissions office this morning:

    "We extended our BSN deadline to July 31st, so now we are running approximately one month behind. You will receive the supplemental application in September. I apologize for any inconvenience."
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    I just got an e-mail with the supplemental application information.
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    I am curious if the students to UTHSCSA have also been informed of this and the ones who have been accepted. I have been told this by one of the nursing school admissions staff [COLOR=#1f497d]The policy that the admissions office has the TEAS V exam is once every admissions cycle. If you have taken the TEAS exam within the past 6 months, I would not recommend taking the exam again as we will only use your first score.[/COLOR] Is this true? What is a good overall composite score to have?
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    I have heard before that they do only allow you to take the Teas once each admissions cycle, but I am not positive if this is true and I know on their website that they do have stats of the gpas and teas scores of people that have gotten on previously.

    Does the CPR certification need to be done just before classes start or is their a deadline? I am trying to submit my supplemental application but am having a hard time because I dont have my CPR certification so cannot submit a date and it can't be submitted without a valid date!
    Is anyone else having this problem????

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