UTHSCSA Spring 2011 Hopefuls - page 27

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hello all, guess i'll get our thread started. i've watched these over the last few semesters, and it's a great way to share information and get to know each other. i applied earlier this month, and got an e-mail this... Read More

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    yes, thanks a lot.
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    Another week down. So much work, so little time. Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just so incredibly whelmed!
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    Hey babster,

    Are you Barbara?

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    Yes I am.
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    Hi Babster

    Well, I think we are suppose to have lunch together one day. I always bring my lunch, but I can always bring extra. Maybe a Monday or Thursday?

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    I bring my lunch too, so let's do it. If you see me sitting and eating, feel free to join me.
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    Snow day! Good day to catch up on a little reading.
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    Spent my snow day with my daughter. Just finished the Health Reform 2010 assignment that is due tomorrow morning. Now to read and read.

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    Hi Everyone

    Hope you all did well on your exams. Have a great summer and see you all in September!

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    Does anyone know what textbook we will be using for pathology next semester?