UTHSCSA Spring 2011 Hopefuls

  1. hello all,

    guess i'll get our thread started. i've watched these over the last few semesters, and it's a great way to share information and get to know each other.

    i applied earlier this month, and got an e-mail this evening letting me know that i am eligible regarding my prerequisites. i was surprised to get something back so quickly since the deadline is july 1. anyway, that's the first step in the process...a long, long process. hopefully, there will be plenty of us on here to keep each other company.

    look forward to getting through this process with you.
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  3. by   friendlysmile
    hi keili30,

    god i hated the waiting process. it was a pain in the neck but its worth it when you get that acceptance letter in the mail . i hope everything works out great for you and you get accepted spring '11.
  4. by   keili30
    thanks. i was surprised to get my transcripts evaluation back so quickly. i'm hoping that's a good sign that the rest will go smoothly for me.
  5. by   friendlysmile
    did you already write the personal statement? just make sure you check all your emails (spam included) for an invitation for the entrance exam. after that all you can do is wait and see if they accept you. trust me when i tell you will start to stalk the mailman looking for that letter : )
  6. by   keili30

    actually, i got part way through the process for fall 2010, but i had to withdraw myself because i had to drop my chem II class. before that though, i had been asked to take the teas test. i got a 91 and was that if i made it to that point again, i could use that score. hopefully, that will be the case if i get that far again. the application deadline isn't until july 1, so i think it will be a while before they send the testing invitations out, right?

    so when did you start? how do you like the program?
  7. by   friendlysmile
    actually, i was just accepted to the fall 2010 program and saw your pg so decided to come check it out. gj, a 91 is a good score. I'm pretty sure they will let you know who got accepted in 3-4 mths cause the deadline for fall 2010 was Jan and we received the first batch of acceptance letters April 1.
    You really dont know what the nursing board is looking for. Feel free to email me about any topics in the future.
  8. by   friendlysmile
    To those that have not applied because they feel they don't have the top notch gpa, just apply you really never know.
    Here are my stats when I applied and I was accepted:
    overall gpa: 2.987
    pre-reqs:3.489 (i had all finished when applying)
    teas:87.7 overall
  9. by   rntob2013
    hello..i almost done applying for the nursing program..all i need is the personal statement..i hope to get accepted spring 2011...but that seems like a long time from now..anyways im from mcallen and just to wanted to say hi and wish you guys luck!!! :-)
  10. by   keili30
    thanks for the info friendlysmile. you will have to keep in touch and let us know how things go in your first semester.

    welcome luis_mtz5 and good luck.
  11. by   friendlysmile
    Of course, happy to help out whenever.
  12. by   Collins030505
    This is so cool! I just found this little thread. So, hello everyone! I just submitted my application online on Saturday night and I called this morning to see if they received my transcripts from my two colleges. They said they had both transcripts, but the application hadn't been received yet. What are people talking about "personal statement"? I didn't have to fill out a personal statment when I turned mine in! Ahh! Just five other short essay questions. My stomach has been in knots ever since I submitted my application. I thought I'd be relieved, but I'm just more nervous! I have a 3.89 GPA so I hope I at least get a letter to take the TEAS... Here's to us all getting in! Woo Hoo! Or should I say "Yee Haw"!?
  13. by   friendlysmile
    those five questions all together are your personal statement; the admissions panel will use it instead of having interviews : )
  14. by   Collins030505
    Oh okay good! I was getting nervous there for a minute! So any tips you can give about handling the wait now?! These are going to be the longest months of my life! Like for instance, how long did it tkae for you to hear from them at all? How long was it until you got a letter to take the TEAS test, etc? Ooh and one more thing. What does your schedule look like approx.? Is it every day from 9-3 or how is it set up?