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Hi All, Since January 10th was the application deadline, do any of you have an idea as to when the earliest when we will hear from UTHSC-San Antonio? I already have my bachelor's degree in a non-nursing subject but I opted for... Read More

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    Don't know how many but I know of at least 4 others. I'm sure there are plenty more. The 25th cant come soon enough!

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    So no-one has gotten a letter by mail or e-mail explaining further details about the acceptance, right? I just want to double check! They're a little behind and they'll let us know on April 11th?
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    PAMQ yeah there's no details yet... The last email said further details would be sent by email on the 11th... I wonder if they had mailed letters yet..
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    Quote from petafrique
    I need a roommate too. I am currently in San Marcos but will be moving to San Antonio in the fall. Anybody who wants a roommate should let me know. Thanks
    Petafrique, if you don't want to move--we can carpool together and take turns getting up there. I live here in San Marcos too!! I work in Austin--and work overnight--I am dreading that drive down there. Let me know what you think. I want to move down there, but only if I can transfer to the San Antonio State Hospital.
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    im new to this site and i got accepted to the program and im looking for a roommate as well so anyone interested should email me at velamiranda@aim.com !
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    For the others in this forum that are currently waitlisted, I started a thread for us, to pass info and for support!! Hopefully things work out, and others reject UTHSCSA so we get in too!!

    UTHSCSA Fall 2011 Wailisters
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    I just got the REAL email! So excited but have to get that info back to them by the 19th. I'm glad some friends who are already in the program gave me the heads up about the mandatory computer purchase. At least it can be a Mac. I can't wait to start...now I just have to figure out how to pay for all this mess.
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    THE REAL EMAIL?!? what?! did anyone else get it?! I've been waiting all day for the details and I haven't seen anything! Did anyone else get an email? or not get one?!
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    finally!! the email with everything! it all feels so real now! can't wait to meet everyone in august!
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    i still havent gotten anythinnngggg >:O

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