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Hi All, Since January 10th was the application deadline, do any of you have an idea as to when the earliest when we will hear from UTHSC-San Antonio? I already have my bachelor's degree in a non-nursing subject but I opted for... Read More

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    i'm from california and im looking for places online right now, but it's kinda hard.. and i'd love to have a roommate that was in the nursing program with me! i think i'm going to go to texas by the end of july to look for places to live, but i really dont know how.. and im debating on whether or not i should buy a car? i've never been on my own before and having someone with me would really help :]

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    but if i need to i can leave mid june :]
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    Awesome! Ok so my e-mail is m_sladaritz@hotmail.com. Just send me an e-mail and we can chat it up and talk about everything! I'm super excited! I thought I would probably end up just renting an apartment alone! Very cool. Can't wait to hear from you.
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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to say congratulations to all those that have been accepted into the program. For those that are on the waitlist, do NOT give up hope because several of my friends were offered a position up until a couple of weeks before school started. Hope you all enjoy this nursing program as much as I have.
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    Congrats to everyone that receieved conditional acceptance for Fall 2011!

    I'm from the Houston area and am also going to need a roommate so if you're interested hit me up!!

    Can't wait to see everybody in the Fall
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    Hey sanip, my e-mail is m_sladaritz@hotmail.com. e-mail me and we can exchange numbers and see if we would be a good fit! I would love to have a room-mate or two in the nursing program so you and I and moochi need to see if we would all be interested in rooming together!
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    I need a roommate too. I am currently in San Marcos but will be moving to San Antonio in the fall. Anybody who wants a roommate should let me know. Thanks
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    Hey! Some of us are also looking for room-mates. E-mail me at m_sladaritz@hotmail.com. One girl has already e-mailed me about rooming together, she seems like a really good fit for me, I wouldn't mind having 2 room-mates, but no more than that. So e-mail and tell me what you are looking for in room-mates and a little about you and what budget you have. Can't wait to hear from you!
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    Congratulations to all who were accepted! Can't wait to meet you guys at orientation!

    Anyone looking for an apartment should consider the off-campus apartments near utsa--they're fully furnished and are separate leases. If you have any interest please message me! I'd love to carpool as well as share a living space with a fellow student! [Some of these places include: High View, Maverick Creek, Madera, The Outpost...etc]

    Congrats again!
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    Hello to All! I am new to this site but I have been reading all the messages for the past few weeks...congratulations to the students who have been accepted! I am currently on the waiting list ... I am still hoping for the best! I was wondering if anyone knows approx. how many people are on the waiting list?
    Take care and best of luck.

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