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Hi, I am new to allnurses.com and i wanted to start a topic for the Spring 2013 applicants at UTHSC Houston. Where we can keep each other posted on the process as it nears. I have yet to take the... Read More

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    Quote from Cynthiap101
    We found out yesterday at orientation that our class is 173 ppl! Some ppl did not show up to orientation (which was mandatory) so Im assuming those of you who have been waitlisted may be getting calls for those spots pretty soon!!
    Thank you for sharing! I know many of us have been nervously waiting to hear something!!
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    Do you have any idea how many showed up?
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    I"ve been waitlisted as well. Do you know when your classes start? If so do you know the days and times the classes will meet?

    Thanks in advance.
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    We start the 14th of January! Classes are monday-wednesday. Clinicals either Thursday or Friday (10 hr days). And no idea how many ppl showed up.. Just know they were missing some ppl. The auditorium where our class will be seats 173.. So IDK why they don't fill them all up
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    ***Seats 200
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    Quote from txgirl7788
    Did you make the waitlist the first time you applied?
    Nope I got a straight up denial letter.
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    Hoping and praying that we know something soon!! It would be nice to hear something before the New Year!
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    Has anyone gotten accepted from the waiting list?
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    UGH. Nothing yet....what little hope I had is definitely dwindling by the minute now....
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    I don't think they will reopen until the 3rd.

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