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Greetings! I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?... Read More

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    Wow, that's awesome! That would make your first semester a piece of cake! I wish they offered it at their campus instead of having to go through somewhere else...

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    Did anybody who hasn't received the transcript evaluation get a hold of someone from SON? I've tried emailing and calling them, but I haven't had any luck so far. It seems many people are getting theirs, and I'm really really worried that I've received none!
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    Quote from Randi09
    Hey lalacb123, I just got done last week applying to prairie View.
    Oh awesome! Me 2, you should join that thread as well, PVAMU CON Prospective Summer/Fall 2013 Students.
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    Have anyone heard from either UT or Prairie view yet?
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    Haven't heard from any of the schools I applied to. This wait is awful!!
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    The offices return tomorrow 3/18/13 as they have been on spring break.
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    I just got my acceptance email! Check your emails! Yay!
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    I just got mine too! Now I have to hear back from TWU Houston and decide! Ahh
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    Just got my acceptance too! I dont know what I am going to do...
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    I got my Acceptance email!!!

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