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Greetings! I am applying to UTHSC Houston - Fall 2013. Anybody else?... Read More

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    2nd week of April
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    April!!! That's going to seem like forever!
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    What is the best way to study for the HESI?
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    Does anyone's MyUTH page still show that they haven't received your transcripts?
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    Yes, bc I'm currently enrolled and taking necessary classes for admission. Once I finish with all my classes, then the yellow triangle will go away.
    It's basically a reminder for you to send that particular transcript after each semester leading up to first day of class, so they can review and update your 60 required credits.
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    Does UT Houston do interviews and writing samples still?
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    Quote from madwolf
    Does UT Houston do interviews and writing samples still?
    No, they don't require it
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    Did anyone apply to prairie view nursing also?
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    Hey everyone! I just got my transcript evaluation today and I have a question. One of the classes they say that I do not have credit for I do. Has this happened to anyone else?
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    Yes, my course evaluation had one mistake regarding course credit.
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    have not received even one evaluation yet.. hope i get one sooooon!
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    March sure is taking its sweet time getting here!
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    Woohoo! Finally recieved my transcript eval in the mail today!
    Only a few more weeks!!