UTHSC-Houston Fall 2012 Applicants - page 80

Hello everyone! This thread is for everyone applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I believe they will be accepting applications from January 15-April 1, so the sooner... Read More

  1. by   Warning-Sign
    Wow. That's old, but if I find those things I will send them.
  2. by   Warning-Sign
    Ok, sent it.
  3. by   katybusymom
    Don't lose hope guys !!! People were pulled off the wait list up until the first week of class for Spring 2012. I know of at least 10 people that got in that were on the wait list. Work on getting your "holds" removed, so if you do get called, you can start right away.
  4. by   vintagepeony
    katybusymom- thank you for the information. I've been wondering if people from the wait list actually got in and how many of them did. I know it's different each semester, but it's still good to know that at least 10 applicants from the list were admitted to the spring 2012 semester. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  5. by   vintagepeony
    Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread, but I'm wondering if any other applicants that are also on the wait list have heard anything??????
  6. by   megablack
    I'm on the waiting list and have not heard anything. Hope everyone did well on their finals!
  7. by   Malloryann
    I'm on the waiting list too but haven't heard anything.
  8. by   Rlowe
    All those accepted for the Fall of 2012 just recieved an e-mail that the date of May 16th is incorrect and that orientation is on August 15th. I would assume that 8/15 is our actual to-do list deadline. So, anyone waitlisted who has not already heard a response due to the openings from those passing on their spot at UTHSC may have to wait until the end of August to see if anyone failed to fulfill their to-do list and are dropped from the program.
  9. by   megablack
    If anyone is still reading this, got my acceptance letter after being waitlisted today. Yay! Hopefully that means more waitlisters will be getting theirs soon as well!
  10. by   Malloryann
    I was waitlisted and received my ACCEPTANCE email today too!!! I'm sooo excited and glad I didn't have to wait till August to find out! Woohoo!
  11. by   Jessbird
    Congrats guys! !
  12. by   megablack
    It says for us to use the myUTH portal to confirm or deny our acceptance, but I still have a green circle. Any of y'all have the same problem?
  13. by   Malloryann
    Ya mine still says that too and I have called Joann and left a message bit no reply yet.