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Hello everyone! This thread is for everyone applying to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. I believe they will be accepting applications from January 15-April 1, so the sooner the better! Their admission... Read More

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    My last name begins with a W. I am just gonna wait for my letter, I guess. I am assuming that is going to be the most definite way of knowing because it seems even the people that were accepted have other things they are now worrying about?
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    Yep...... I know I now have a HUGE decision to make. I'm torn between UTHSC and UTMB. I like both of the schools and must now determine which one is going to be better for me and my family.
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    Anyone has an idea of whether we are required to have a BLS adult CPR certification only or the pediatric one too. Also, whether they would accept a certification from an online course (e.g. cprtoday.com).
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    Most programs want the AHA (American Heart Assn.) Healthcare Provider certification. I am pretty sure that's what is needed here too.
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    It cannot be online. Your going to need to take your BLS in class. They will only take your CPR from a company that is listed through AHA website. I just got mine 2 weeks ago. The class isn't much harder than the normal CPR classes.
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    myUTH is working again and I still have my green check mark! YAYY!! Now I have a difficult decision to make between UTHSC and UTMB!
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    Thanks Amymit & thanks Hemphia.

    Hemphia, I go to sanjac too, did you get your CPR somewhere around that area and may I ask how long it took and how much did it cost.
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    Gladiator_80- I'm in the same area, and I found a BLS CPR class in Clear Lake through the AHA website. It is from 9am - 12 on a sat morning. no price listed, but from what I've read it should be about $80.
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    Thanks lilou, can you send me the link to that.
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    I paid $50 for my CPR, and the place I went was through AHA. The company name is TriOneCPR. It was done out of his home, very comfy. It was about 3 hours long and I did it on a Friday. He is off Blackhawk near beltway 8. Easy to get to. I plan on using him for my resertification. I already have been CPR certified before... Not sure ifnthat affected the price for me, but he was still very much worth it. I liked the environment of his home better than a classroom. He is also willing to travel and come to where you want. PM me if you want his number.....