UTHSC-H Spring 2013 Hopefuls

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    I know there is some time before we will apply, but I was hoping to get a group together so we can go through this process together. Are there any 2013 hopefuls out there with me?

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    I'm definitely one!! Thinking of applying to UTH, UTMB, and TWU. But time will be going by soon and I've already started preparing since I just started pursuing nursing as a career choice.
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    Hello Everyone,
    I'm also applying to the Spring 2013 class. I'm also applying to UTMB and U of H Victoria-Sugarland Nursing program. I'm really excited and can't wait to began this journey!!
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    Hello, I will be applying soon too. I am nervous because my GPA is not so great. 3.22 pre-reqs and 3.0 science. Have yall heard of anyone who has gotten in with a low gpa?
    UTH, UTMB and TWU are definetely my choices.
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    Has anyone taken the HESI yet? Do they require the chem section?
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    I have not taken the Hesi yet. Thinking about taking it this summer some time. Not sure. But Chem is not required. Only "Math, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and General Knowledge, Grammar, Anatomy and Physiology, Critical Thinking, Learning Styles and Personality Styles."
    Has anyone applied yet?
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    ok so when we take the test we just skip the chem section?
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    yea, if you don't need it for anything else.
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    Does anyone know if they look at "W's" I have 4 and was wondering if that is something that could keep me from getting accepted.
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    Hello everyone,

    I am a UTHSC Spring 2013/Summer 2013 hopeful as well. Was wondering if anyone has started the application process? Can you start your application even though you are still taking pre-req's and haven't taken the HESI? I know you can apply as long as you have 40 hours of the pre-reqs done, 8 of those hours being the specified sciences... Has anyone started this yet?


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