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Hey all, I thought I would set up a place to discuss the next application period for UTA's Fall 2012 nursing program. There was so much info in the Spring 2012 forum, thought it might be helpful to start a new thread... Post... Read More

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    Can someone please clarify what exactly the "advanced placement" here means. It still takes four semesters to complete, right? With a previous bachelors degree wouldn't advanced placement be a fast-bacc program, like Baylor's which is only 12 months?

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    It actually stands for academic partnership. You are partnered with a hospital and do most of your clinicals there. It is 18 months for a BSN. 6 months more months than Baylor and many tens of thousands less dollars. It is a great program.
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    Cool! Thank you olddog40

    Do you have a link you can post to where I can see that info? The website I'm looking at doesn't say anything about 18 months and up top it says "Advanced Placement" and below in smaller font says academic partnership.

    Are you in the program?
    And, is it specifically for second degree students?
    I agree, Baylor is silly expensive.

    Thnx again.
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    How many BSN applicants does UTA accept per semester?
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    I spoke to the AP admissions advisor today- they take over 100 each semester. It's A LOT to complete before applying. I'd need 6 more classes before January. That's 6 more than all the other programs I like. No thanks!
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    Have you looked at TCU? They are crazy expensive too, but it sounds like they have a great program. I looked at Baylor, TCU and UTA. The reason UTA appealed to me is that it is online except for your clinicals and I have small(well, medium ) children. There are lots of good programs in the area. Good luck!
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    Yeah I've got a one yr old and 8 yr old...don't want to drive to FW everyday and Baylor is awesome but also pricey. It doesn't matter where you go to NS so I figure why go into that much debt?
    Two full days of 12 hr clinicals nonstop for 15 months for UTA seems rough especially on top of heavy course load all online. I do mostly everything online now and it is harder because you have to teach it all to yourself and questions take long to get answered.

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