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Hey all, I thought I would set up a place to discuss the next application period for UTA's Fall 2012 nursing program. There was so much info in the Spring 2012 forum, thought it might be helpful to start a new thread... Post... Read More

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    Hey JTP09,

    I too was accepted into the online nursing program in San An. Im also looking for a roommate. I heard that UTA was already doing orientations.. do you know when well get to do it too? Im so confused.

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    For the online orientation, you should have received an e-mail to your mymav email address. A link, your username, and password will be included in that email for the online orientation. You must complete the online orientation by August 2nd. In-person orientation is on 8/17.
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    Thank You! I got the email and I'm practically done with the online orientation.. I now just need to get health insurance and a BLS certification. UTAs health insurance is kind of pricey. Does anyone know of any cheaper health insurance? I don't have any pre-existing conditions.

    Btw, for the drug test.. don't go to Quest :l Any Lab Test Now offers a good price on the 10-panel test ($45)
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    Any advice for UTA online hopefuls?!
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    Quote from Jesbustos
    Any advice for UTA online hopefuls?!
    Jesbutos~ Are you partnered? (Currently working at one of the hospitals that UTA partners with for clinicals)
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    I wasn't partnered, it does help being partnered but its not mandatory.
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    True, it is not a requirement to be partnered. I was curious about Jesbutos status since the advice would be different for Partnered vs. Unpartnered applicants. Partnered applicants will be selected first, as long as they meet all requirements. The remaining spots a certain facility will go to unpartnered applicants. So the benefit to being partnered is that you are ranked higher and therefore, would be accepted over someone who was unpartnered. When there are more spots than applicants at a partner facility, those "extra" spots will go to unpartnered applicants.

    I hope this makes sense. There really is a lot to know about the ranking process and how it works. I would encourage Jesbutos to read through this blog and the UTA Spring 2013 blog to gain more insight into the selection process for the AP BSN program at UTA.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks you mphillips !!!!!!
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    No I am not.
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    To the UTA AP BSN students doing clinicals in San Antonio... First congrats on making it into the program and WELCOME to San Antonio!!! I am interested in applying for the Fall 2013 UTA AP BSN and I would like to increase my chances by working at the partner hospital. I have NO WAY on how I am supposed to go about this. Do any of y'all happen to have the Methodist Healthcare Partnership coordinator contact information so I can inquire about seeking employment with them? I have looked online, but all I have found are newspaper articles talking about the start of the San Antonio partnership branch with UTA! Y'all are in the newspaper lol. well thank you for any information!!!! And congrats and good luck this week!!!
    If you have any questions about San Antonio, feel free to ask 832 474 3587

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