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Hey all, I thought I would set up a place to discuss the next application period for UTA's Fall 2012 nursing program. There was so much info in the Spring 2012 forum, thought it might be helpful to start a new thread... Post... Read More

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    I know...its 5 past midnight! No email

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    Is anyone planning on calling the department today to ask if they are indeed sending emails out?! I can never seem to get through and they never call me back or email me back. My husband told me I wasn't allowed to check my email today. I gave him my name and password and he is going to do it for me so he can surprise me (only if it's good news!). So if you get an email today, write something on here so at least I know they were actually sent!!
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    No email this morning.
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    If it actually happens today, I guarantee you they will send the emails after 5 p.m. so that they won't get hundreds of mad students calling!

    I am trying to not freak and check my email every 5 seconds because they never do anything on time, but I can't help it!

    Good luck, everyone!
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    So I called to see if they would tell me if today is the day and the lady who answered the phone transferred me to someone who of course did not answer. This is going to be a LONNNG day ...
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    So is it just a rumor? My friend also attened a meeting and told me that they will email this week. My body is full of cortisol all the time and it's making me sick!!!!
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    I was told the exact same thing! They made the program seem so easy to get into when I applied (I'm thinking partly because they want people to take their pre-reqs with them). All I can do now is pray and hope for the best . Has anyone received an email yet?
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    Nothing yet but nikkib is prob right. They most likely won't send out the email until after office hours. The IT department might have a better idea of when they are sending out the emails and might actually answer.
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    I am partnered with Baylor. I was wait listed last semester.....I am anxiously awaiting to hear about Fall 2012!! Will they also be sending out acceptance letters thru the mail? Is notification thru email new? Last semester I never recieved any notice thru email.
    Best of Luck to everyone!!
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    Rumor is that it will be email today. I am partnered with Baylor also. Were you partnered last semester? Do you mind sharing your stats? I wonder how many are applying for the Baylor spots?? Good luck to you!!

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