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    Hey everyone! I thought I would get a UTA Academic Partnership Fall 2012 forum going. Many of us were wait listed or denied...and many of us posted great advice for Spring 2012... I thought it would be nice to get this forum going to discuss the next application period!

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    hi bjbailey, i've been silently following the spring 2012 thread for a little while now and thought I would finally speak up. I applied for the AP program and was put on the wait list, I am partnered at Parkland. Hopefully everyone wait listed will be hearing back pretty soon!
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    Hi. I put in my application for the AP-BSN program for fall 2012. I'm very anxious! This has been a long journey. For those of you who were denied or wait-listed previously, would you mind sharing your thoughts about why that happened? I'm just wondering what kind of GPA's they are looking for or if they truly want people that have been at UTA previously....just trying to figure out what my chances look like. I've planned my life around starting this fall so I will be a bit heartbroken if the plan changes. I was already accepted to TCC nursing school before and had to pull out before classes started because of an issue with my little girl. Best of luck to you all! We should hear in April sometime?
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    KBC123 I would recommend you go to the UTA SPRING 2012 forum and read the posts there...there is a lot of information from a lot of us on GPAs, Partnering, etc.

    I will tell you to expect the unexpected. To truly be competitive, you want a high GPA and if you are partnered, as you will read - you stand a much better chance of getting into the academic partnership BSN program.

    Hope this helps...
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    I actually discovered that board after I posted on here. It makes me nervous!! I have a 4.0 GPA (in science and overall) and and 98 on my HESI but I am not partnered and haven't taken but a couple classes at UTA. And I read on that other board that only 12 people out of 70 accepted were unpartnered? Yikes. And that's after 1000+ applicants overall! Do you know if the spring or fall is more difficult to get in to, at all?

    If I don't get accepted this time, I will look for a job at a partnered hospital and try again.
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    I honestly couldn't tell you about Fall vs Spring, but I will tell you that you would be better off getting partnered...if even part-time or per diem, I dont think there is an hour minimum considered, you just have to be employed.
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    Hi everyone! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing! It's hard to imagine that we are one weekend away from finishing our first clinical rotation and 4 weeks away from finishing our first semester! I am happy to say we have completed one course, Health Promotions!

    I'm glad to see everyone is still chatting and encouraging each other...you can do this! It truly is a lot of fun and an amazing journey.

    I think the best thing so far are the folks I am with in my cohort, we are like a huge family and we encourage each other and help each other everyday. So, when you get accepted, know that you will have others in the program with you that you can encourage and help and they will do the same for you.

    If anyone has any new questions or anything I can try and help answer, please let me know. I know when I was going through the process and orientation and even getting started I had a ton of questions. None are too silly or redundant...so ask away!
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    Moved to TX Nursing Programs.
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    Hi BjBayley1972,

    I am also partnered with baylor, I am applying for Spring 2013 and I was wondering how was your GPAs for sciencience and overall. I noticed that you were waiting listed; how was that process for Baylor employees applicants? Do you know how many were accepted? I am a little nervous... this is my first time applying and my science GPA is 3.75 and Overall 3.86. Do you think I am competitive for the Ap program ? Thank you

    Ana Wilson
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    I was accept to the 2012 Fall AP BSN program.
    Partnered with Childrens Medical Center, 4.0 GPA, lot's of hours at UTA, and another degree as well.

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