UTA AP BSN Remote Locations Fall 2012

  1. [FONT=lucida grande]I need some advice.
    [FONT=lucida grande]I just got a call from the university of texas at arlington. she invited me to their ap bsn program and told me that i could go to the san antonio or longview clinical sites. i live in dallas. the ap bsn program is an online 15-month program that is competitive to get into. it's accelerated because it goes through the summer. the lectures are online and clinicals are 2-long consecutive days a week. the program starts the beginning of september. i'd graduate with my bsn in dec 2013.
    [FONT=lucida grande]I am currently on the waiting list for uta's traditional program but seeing as i don't have a plan b nor do i have children, i am going to jump on it.

    [FONT=lucida grande]Now i have to make the decision of which one. do i move to san antonio or commute (2 hours) to longview?

    [FONT=lucida grande]I don't know much about the san antonio (5 hours away from home) clinical site other than that it is hca methodist. i am thinking it is the one that uthscsa rotates at but i'm not sure because there are multiple locations. i have not found anyone that has done the san antonio program. additionally, i don't know anyone in san antonio and it would cost more to relocate with living expenses.

    [FONT=lucida grande]Longview is at good shepard and it has a new innovative learning site that they recently built with high-fidelity mannicans from a $800,000 grant. good shepard is a level 2 trauma center. i am worried about the commute and how rotating at a rural hospital will look on my resume later on. i would prefer to work in a urban setting. there has been a carpool group in past semesters.

    [FONT=lucida grande]I have until monday to decide. what would you do???
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  3. by   GradNurse14
    Hi StudentJen07,

    I too was offered this a few weeks ago. I turned down because I do have kids, but I was going to take the Good Shepherd one. I know a lady in this program at Good Shepherd and she loves it there. She does commute and rents a room from a lady there. She told me the instructors there are wonderful and really make learning everything a lot of fun. Good luck in your decision making! Congrats on being offered a spot!
  4. by   Jesbustos
    Is the an RN-BSN or post bacc second degree accelerated?-
  5. by   Jesbustos
    Do you mind me asking what yalls GPA and HESI scores were?
  6. by   brytianyaiken
    I am accepted by the UTA CON and finishing up my "general studies" courses to apply to the AP BSN. I do work for an HCA company in Austin, but would still have to travel for clinicals. My question to you is what was your GPA? & HESI Score?

  7. by   Jesbustos
    Does UTA have an early admissions decision program?
  8. by   Jesbustos
    Question regarding the BSN Online program at UTA; Do you HAVE to be working w a partner program? Can you apply just as a second degree student or do you have to be working at a hospital? I have no RN or nursing background.
  9. by   brytianyaiken
    You do NOT have to work w/ a Partnered Hospital. I have started finishing up my pre-reqs for the program, and have been accepted by the College of Nursing to take Pharm, Patho, and Intro to Nursing. I would be happy to email with you about my experience so far.

    My email is brytian83@gmail.com

    I currently work for HCA- St. David's Austin, but while we are part of the Academic Partnership for the RN-BSN program, but do not offer clinicals at or facilities. So if accepted I'd have to travel to DFW, San Antonio or Houston for clinicals. I'm willing to stay in a hotel for clinicals just to get a BSN soon. From what I hear the Department of Education is going to change the entire nursing profession to BSN before too long.