UT Tyler-Palestine Nursing Program Point System

  1. Okay I am lost...my advisor tallied up my points before I was core complete last year. That is all good, but now I am core complete with an Associates degree and I don't know how to add up these points! I am so lost because she divided them by a certain number to find my nursing/core GPA! Someone help. I applied to UT Palestine's Spring 14' program, and now I am just curious to see how many points I have.

    Again, I am not lacking any courses; I am core complete

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    Hi. I live in Tyler and have just applied to the ABSN program at UT Tyler. Do you have your sheet? If not, you can find an example on line. Just go to the page on UT Tyler undergraduate nursing admissions, and at the bottom there is a link to the point system that tells you basically how to calculate your points. I am assuming you have taken the TEAS, right? Because that is factored in as well. There is also a link to an example calculation. To find your nursing core GPA, you would basically write down all the nursing core classes, how many hours each class was worth, and then your letter grades. In another column, give yourself 4 pts for each A, 3 pts for each B and 2 pts for each C. Add up all those points, then divide by the number of total hours those classes represent. This is your nursing core GPA
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    yes I have my sheet and thanks! I tried calculating myself and it isnt coming out right..it's something special about calculating the points! I just don't get it. I tried what you said, but I was unsuccessful.
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    Are you coming up with something other than what the advisor came up with? I don't know what to tell you unless you want to list the detail out here and I could give it a try, LOL. I have never been able to come up with exactly the 100 pts that they claim the form comes to, I can get to 95 which I guess is close enough. But just for example, to figure your nursing pre req gpa: let's say you had 6 pre-req courses: 4-As and 2 Bs. Lets say that two of the As were 4 hr courses, two of the As were 3 hr courses, and the two Bs were 3 hr courses. Add up 16+16+12+12+9+9=74. Divide 74 by the total hrs (20) = gpa of 3.7. The 3.7 is put on the sheet and multiplied by 4 (as per the sheet) to give you 14.8 points for nursing prereq gpa. Is this the part you are looking for? Later on the sheet you get individual points for each grade that you add up as well.
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    thanks. for your help
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