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    Hi all, I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place... I am currently deciding between applying for a Bacc2 BSN or an alternate entry (I think it's also called direct entry?) MSN.. I looked at the UTH accelerated nursing program in the past, but it only admitted for the summer. I checked again this weekend and it now looks like they are admitted for all semesters in that program. Can anyone confirm this? I started the application and only the RN-BSN program is coming up as an option to select, so it confused me a bit. Thanks for any information you might have!
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    If those are your only two choices, I strongly encourage you to go with the BSN program. Entry-level MSN (ELM) grads are not doing well in the Houston job market. They are competing with a plethora of BSN grads. In our profession, graduate education is the level at which advanced education for clinical or functional (informatics, education, administration, etc) specialization occurs but this is not the case with ELMs so it does not add any value for employers. Hiring managers in my organization are just not interested in ELMs.

    ELMs may also find themselves in a pickle if they try to become licensed in another state, because many NPAs require an undergrad nursing degree (Diploma, ADN, or BSN) to qualify for licensure.
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    Thank you.. I have heard something along those lines from a few different people so I think the BSN may be the way to go. It also looks much more affordable. I'm not necessarily planning on getting a nursing job in Houston, we'd like to stay here in Austin... But I do want to attend a good program.