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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    Anyone know when we should hear by?
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    Blah, I hate waiting! Supposedly we might hear something by Friday, but if not,the following week
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    Me too! It was nice meeting you boo_ah_peek! )
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    It was nice meeting you too! Hopefully we will hear some good news soon
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    Wish I could have met you two! (boo_ah_peek and Chocolate88)
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    ....getting SO nervous!! I just wanna know already! Good luck to everyone!
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    Me too! I know on the slip of paper that they gave us after we tried on uniforms it said they would start sending out decisions as early as the 29th---If I remember correctly. So maybe today?! That would be good, as waiting through the weekend would be torture!
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    YES! I don't have that paper on me right now, but I remember the date of the 29 being on there as well! Because of that, I've been incredibly anxious today! Ha!
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    It says FORMAL ACCEPTANCE OR DENIAL LETTERS WILL BE MAILED/EMAILED AFTER NOVEMBER 29, 2012. So nervous!! Yikes.. Im thinking we should def find out tomorrow
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    Pls anyone received denial or acceptance letters let us know.. Ty and good luck to all of us
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    i just received my acceptance mail from UHV in my personal email. Yes!!!!! now to do the drug test n everything else. Good luck to everyone.
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    I just received my acceptance e-mail as well!!!! Congrats @tlc0584!!!! I'm sooo excited!!
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    congrats!!!. Does anyone know what we have to do with the student declaration for criminal background check letter. Do we fax that along with the acceptance letter or is it for when we do our drug test? And when i clicked the link to do the drug screen test, it didnt work, but when i typed it in then it works fine.