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    Quote from Pana21
    Is any one having trouble logging in to the myuhv account?
    Mine is working fine. Did you change your password and follow all the instructions to do so? It was a very tedious process

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    I followed the instructions on the screen on how to log in and change the password. I guess I am missing a step....
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    I requested my uhv pass code and then I can not login with it
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    I got in now but last night I could not....figures it would happen like this
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    Quote from mrmrz3
    Has anyone been going over the information for the presentation?
    I was looking over the information and since i dread getting in front of people I think I am going to make a power point to practice...just a suggestion...
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    Out of curiosity, does anyone know when the program actually begins in January? I have tried reading through a few forums and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!
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    This is just a guess, but I would think it starts just after MLK day. I say this, as most colleges resume for the spring semester at that time, but again--just a guess.
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    Quote from resilient
    I was looking over the information and since i dread getting in front of people I think I am going to make a power point to practice...just a suggestion...
    I hate to tell you this, but you are going to have to get over this fear very quickly if you are accepted into this program. I am a graduate from the 2011 cohort, and this program LOVES group projects/presentations. You will have 2-3 per semester to complete.

    Practicing is a wonderful idea, especially if you are uncomfortable with public speaking. Your presentations skills can make you or break you during the group interview portion. If the group interview is anything like mine was, you won't be expected to memorize the info they gave you. I would however be VERY familiar with it, but memorizing the info they give you is not necessary. Assuming nothing has changed they will give you the same info during the group portion of the interview. Using the info they gave you, you will have 20-30 minutes to create a group presentation pertaining to that information. This is why I say be very familiar with it, because you don't have much time to create a presentation. You don't want to waste that time, just trying to figure out how that information is important to the nursing profession.

    Each person will be required to speak during that presentation. So, don't be the shy one who barely speaks or barely contributes to the creation of the presentation. If you are, they may decide to pass you by, and go with someone else who is more comfortable working in groups, and speaking in front of groups. The same can be said for those of you who like to take the lead. Do not be overbearing or rude to your assigned group members. They want to see that you are a teamplayer.

    Best of luck to all those participating in the interviews! Just relax, and be yourself! They don't want perfection, just someone who can roll with the punches.
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    Thanks applejacks36 for giving me some insight I am confident that I will get over this fear since its the largest determining factor in getting accepted.
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    did uhv send you another email with the student ID code for setting up the e-mail account after the applytexas application? Thanks!

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