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    Hello all,

    I applied for this Spring 2013 admission and I'm just wondering..are we supposed to turn in all the immunization verification before the deadline? or can we turn it in during the interview?

    I was at the info seminar and they said we could turn in later after the deadline or bring it along during the interview. But on the paper, it says before Oct 1st deadline.


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    That is a popular question. On the application checklist it says before the October 1st deadline. But I have heard other people say that they were told it could be later.
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    From reading posts from previous years, it sounds like you can bring the immunizations to the interview. I was wondering the same thing but after reading that, it confirmed it for me.
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    I've read that it could be turned until the interview however, when I called to ask the same question, the lady who picked up told me it had to be turned in by the deadline for the application to be considered. You could probably turn it in later, but I turned it in just to be on the safe side.
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    Hooray! The (public) Texas Board of Nursing website is showing that the BON intends to reinstate the Second Degree BSN Program back to FULL APPROVAL!!!! Should officially take place at the October 18th meeting. The stricter admissions policy and 93% NCLEX pass rate on the most recent cohort made all the difference. This is sooo good to hear because the SON dean and other program directors are excellent educators and administrators and worked hard to get this Program going.
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    That is great news! Now just a few weeks left of waiting for the interview letters to be sent!
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    Has anyone heard anything?
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    Nothing. It has to be soon right???
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    Yes it states Nov 1 on the site. Im really nervous..
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    I am getting nervous too! Tick tock, tick tock.

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