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Is anyone applying to UHV second degree BSN spring 2013?... Read More

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    You only apply to NursingCAS.

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    The BON website is still showing the UH-V BSN program status as "CONDITIONAL." I've always thought that "conditional" status meant that a program could not accept new students or start a new cohort. I want to apply, but can they even accept new students?? The earliest the BON could change the status would be October 2012, I believe.
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    Conditional means that they do not have full approval from BON. Like they did meet some type of requirement.
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    It might have to do with the curriculum and low pass rates on the NCLEX.
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    Oh, agreed! But the BON website states that the consequences of a "conditional" status is that the program cannot accept a new cohort of students until the "conditional" status is removed.

    Since UH-V is "conditional," it would mean they cannot accept any new students. I think I will go ahead and apply and hope --as they are, I'm sure! -- that the BON will remove the "conditional" status in time for the new class year to start. It's all depending on how the most recent group of graduates do on the NCLEX. If they do well, the "conditional" would most likely be removed.

    Fingers crossed! The individual who runs the program totally rocks, so I'm thinking things will eventuall work out in their favor.
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    Hey guys!!

    I am new to the thread, but I have applied to the UHV accelerated program for 2013! I recently graduated from UH central campus with a Health and Nutrition degree. I know some schools give priority to those who have graduated from their school system. For example, it says on Texas Techs website that if you've graduated from Tech then you are considered first for their nursing program. Does anyone know if the same goes for UH? I wish everyone the best of luck- now we play the waiting game
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    I am still debating on applying. I have to retake Govt 1 because I made a D. I have two degrees from UH and I have to clep an exam. I Wish I would have pulled a C the first time around. I just don't want to spend 100 on the test and possibly not get in. I don't understand why they wont accept it because it is passing and if I Clep it, it will be listed as pass or fail.
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    Kekebrwn,I think you should try. You'll never know if you don't. I know it gets expensive with the tests, app fees, transcripts, etc. but it'll be worth it if you get in. I'm also worried about grades. Mine are as good as I would like them to be but nothing I can do about it now. Are you applying anywhere else or only looking at UHV?
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    I am thinking about it. I am studying for the test now. I applied to UTMB, UTHSC Houston, and Wharton. I have been accepted to Wharton.
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    Oh awesome! I applied to UTMB as well. I applied there last year and got waitlisted. Hopefully it goes better this time around! Good luck on your test!

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