UMHB Fall 2018

  1. Ok, I have quite a bit to ask.

    1) I am seeing TEAS and Kaplan listed as the entrance exam which is current? I am hoping Kaplan because free lol

    2) ATL gpa? Is that all classes I have taken beyond the prereqs?

    3) Do they count retakes? I didn't take school seriously when I stared my biology degree, so I retook A&P I for a better grade, and my comp 1 professor was impossible. I have since taken comp 2 and made and A. I tried so hard in 1 and she couldn't be pleased. Anyway, for TC they don't, so I am going to retake comp 1 jic I don't get into UMHB.

    4) what was your overall and atl upon acceptance?

    5) what did you score on your entrance exam?

    6) did you previously attend school there (that helps you get in and would skew your answers as I need experience of people without all those points, I still want your feedback though)

    7) GI bill users (pref spouses of active duty) was the stipend enough for books, if not how much out of pocket should I expect to spend each semester?

    8) did do you love UMHB?

    9) if I get in, can I buy a cute stethoscope? Or Is there a certain color for the watches etc too? I have a watch with a second hand that will do for now, then can replace with waterproof later. Yes it can be sanitized.

    I know there are the specific scrubs.

    10) how often do books change, can I buy used books or is there benefit to buying all New?

    11) Is Scott and White my only prospect of a job fresh out of school? I worked there previously, and honestly don't want to again, I am sure nursing dept is more professional that pathology, but I live next to Fort Hood and wouldn't mind working at Seaton or on post.

    12) After grad how hard is it to get into an ICU, my end goal is to become a certified nurse anesthetist. I see critical is recommended, but at the very least I have a year of working before thinking about that in most cases. I believe all the DNP programs want a yr, but that is another thread.

    Okay, so that about covers it? A lot of this can be asked to an advisor, but I want to hear from students/graduates. I have more questions I am sure, so hopefully I get good feedback and you guys can help me through this. I will update with my answers if I get in at the very least. Thank you so much!

    Oh, and advice on how to make the highest grades on tests there.