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Just wondering if anyone else is applying for the Fall 2013 semester at Texas State in Round Rock, and/or has any detailed info as far as their selection process goes? I don't see many threads on Tx State here AT ALL, but I know... Read More

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    Me too.... relocating is just not an option for me unfortunately. And it's really a great program. I toured the facility after I attended an info session last year, and would love to earn my nursing degree there. Hopefully we have less than a month of waiting left!!

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    I'll probably just go to school as well and maybe just try to find a job that's like two nights a week. I've worked and saved all through my undergrad, and am also fortunate enough to have the support of my parents and a few remaining scholarships! I've actually never been justtttt in college and not also working, so I may have to work a little just to feel like normal!
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    Yeah I've worked full time the majority of my college career...But I'm a single mom to a beautiful little girl and between her, working full time, and going to school - something had to give! So I took a leap of faith last June, and left my job of 12 years to pursue this endeavor full time. I just felt I couldn't dedicate the time and attention that I needed to otherwise...thank goodness for the support of my family, grants, and scholarships
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    That's amazing!!! I hope it all works out for the best for you and your family! I cannot wait to hear back from the school. It's sooo nerve-wrecking waiting!
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    Thank you! Same to you! And yes it really is!!!!!!
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    Hey everyone! I also applied to TX State. It's seven minutes from my house and I love the facilities. Did you ladies get your fast passes? Have you all been hopefully stalking stethoscopes and shoes like I have?
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    I'm really close to Tx State too- living in Pflugerville. I got my email to initiate the background check last week, and have my appointment set for next Thursday! They have usually sent out acceptance/denial notices the first week of March, but I noticed in the email I received last week that it said we would be notified at the END of March....noooo bueno! This waiting game is killer!!
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    Hello future nurses! I also applied to TX state. However, I have not received an email to activate my background check. Bummer! Keeping the faith! Hopefully we will receive notices the first week of March and not toward the end. I check my email everyday. lol.
    Good luck all!
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    I got mine last month and did the background check on Monday. Yeah, the email bummed me out as well. Maybe that is the latest date they will be making the decision. I am hoping, like everyone else, that they send me a message earlier. I have three close friends who applied as well and we are all making each other crazy.
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    I applied too but haven't got an email to do a background check..hopefully that doens't mean what I think it does :/

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