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hey guys! i wanted to stat a forum for us twu spring 2012 hopefuls! about me i have a 3.2, yikes! :sofahider, and after this summer it should come up to a 3.6 or 7 and i am studying my butt off for the teas and will only... Read More

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    @ AlliTodd223

    This test was somewhat difficult for me; however, you are way more prepared than I was! Get a good night's rest tonight and knock it out of the park on tomorrow! No worries!
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    Congrats!!! Was it difficult? what about the science questions?
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    @ leinus

    I like science, so it wasn't that bad. However, the grammar section on that test is ridiculous!
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    Quote from Mochachild
    Hello, all!

    I'm all over this board, for real! hee hee. Another Spring 2012 hopeful! Taking the TEAS on tomorrow and have already taken the HESI. Taking a full load in summer school with the intention of boosting my GPA up to a 3.8...we shall see. Good luck to everyone!
    so tell us how did both of the go! any tips?
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    Quote from AlliTodd223
    I am taking the TEAS tomorrow and I am kind of panicking. I have been studying for two weeks and today I took the online ATI practice test. It was a lot harder than I expected.

    I have a good GPA and I made A's on my first attempts at Micro, and both A&P's but I am still worried. I mean, it's not a 4.0 or even a 3.8 but...

    dont worry, your grades are great, how were you able to take a practice test on ati, i could not find it
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    For the HESI, I used the study guide on only those subjests that I needed a refresher/reinforcement; for the TEAS, I used Barron's 2009 ACT guide...yup, an ACT guide!
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    I am currently applying to TWU Spring of 2012 too! I just took the TEAS test this past Friday and it seemed ok. I did well on it and hope the score and my GPA will help me get into the program Good luck to everyone!
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    saraiish, i'm pretty much in the same boat you are, except I finished all my pre-reqs. do you think having retakes will affect us much? i know they count the last grade but im scared because I've taken AP I about 3 times but i've made an A the third time and also an A my first time with APII. Good luck on your TEAS exam!
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    All I need is statistics and don't have to take math survey cause I'm
    Core complete at TCC but I'm trying to apply for the fall... but I'm retaking lifespan and nutrition to make A's... How much do you have to score on the TEAS to be accepted? I've only took the HESI and heard the TEAS is waaay harder than that!
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    Hello TWU 2012 Applicants!
    I am new to this online forum thing but I was excited to see others who are applying for spring 2012 to TWU. Are you guys applying to Dallas or Houston? So far, i have a 3.9 GPA with A's on first attempts for all the science courses, but my A and P I and II are transferred from another school and i don't know if i will get credit for them. I have not taken the teas yet, but i will be taking it in july. i am really nervous about being able to get in. I do not get the .4 gpa bump because i am not a twu student, well ive been accepted to the university but i am starting in fall. I will be taking patho and 3 other general ed classes. I heard that it is very hard to get accepted if your gpa is not around a 4.0, which i am hoping isnt true! anyway i hope we all get in!

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