TWU Spring 2010

  1. Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each other.

    Have you taken your HESI A2 yet? Have you taken all of your pre-reqs? If not, what do you have left to take?

    I have taken all of my pre-reqs, and I just took my HESI yesterday. I didn't think it was bad at all, but I prepared for it for about 3 weeks.

    If you haven't noticed, TWU has made some slight changes that I think some people will not be happy with. They are taking into consideration the first grade made at pre-req attempts for several of the classes like A&P, micro, and another class. What do you think of this? I wonder how it will change the applicants chances of getting in?

    Good luck and I look forward to meeting you!
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  3. by   ser2011
    Hey there! I am applying for Spring 2010. I am so excited about applying.

    I have not taken the HESI a2 yet, I am taking it in June. Yes, I have taken all of my pre-reqs. I signed up to retake A&P I this summer (got a B), but I also saw on the website that they changed rules about taking only the first grade earned in a science class. No offense to anyone, I think it is kind of beneficial to a lot of applicants because someone who got a C or a D on the first try, and then got an A the second try would be put lower on the list.

    Are you applying for Dallas or Houston? Or both?

    I am a little intimidated by the HESI a2, what did you think of it? How was the A&P section? Were calculators allowed?
  4. by   goopsy
    hi there! I actually called *****, an advisor, at the TWU Dallas campus and she said they are accepting the second grade on the sciences, but they are just going to factor it in somehow that it was re-taken. She didn't explain how. I think it bad of them to change the rules mid-cycle. I think they should have done it immediately after an application cycle that way no one is really affected. Yah, I understand what you are saying though.
    I am applying to the Dallas campus. What about you?
    Don't be intimidated by the HESI. The only reason that I took it so early was because I had to take it before Jun 1 if I wanted to apply to UTA as well. The A&P was not bad at all. I actually scored higher on that then I did on chem and bio, but only by a couple of points. There is a basic calculator button you can click on for the math, but it does not advertise it. So look out for it. You are allowed 4 hours, which is good I think.
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  5. by   Lindsay1208

    I too am applying to TWU Dallas and retaking my A&P I this summer. It seems like a 3.7 is not high enough for the Dallas campus. L
    I spoke to **** and he highly advised me to retake a couple of classes this summer to raise it to a 3.9. So my summer is going to pretty much suck.
    I have already taken my HESI and it was fairly easy. I just hope that this new policy accounting the first grade I made will not hurt me too much (I made a B).
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  6. by   goopsy
    Quote from Lindsay1208

    I too am applying to TWU Dallas and retaking my A&P I this summer. It seems like a 3.7 is not high enough for the Dallas campus. L
    I spoke to **** and he highly advised me to retake a couple of classes this summer to raise it to a 3.9. So my summer is going to pretty much suck.
    I have already taken my HESI and it was fairly easy. I just hope that this new policy accounting the first grade I made will not hurt me too much (I made a B).
    No, I do not think that it will hurt you much. It is not like you made a D the first time. I am surprised he said to raise it to a 3.9. You would think that 3.8 would be good enough (***** supported me on this). It is sad how competitive it is. I couldn't apply last cycle since my NET was not competitive enough. So, I hope this cycle is better. What classes are you going to re-take besides a&p?
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  7. by   Lindsay1208

    i made a c in chem, so i am retaking that this summer too. if i make two a’s then it should raise it to a 3.9. **** actually said that the dallas campus is one of the most competitive schools to get into and for the fact that twu students have that .40 bump to begin with, twu students applying with a 3.4 3.5, get a guaranteed 3.9-4.0.
    i asked him what would be considered competitive for hesi and he said basically anything above an 85. i got an 84. have you taken the hesi yet? i think that since this is the first entry with the hesi, it won’t hurt my chances. but we will have to see… have you applied to other nursing schools? i have applied to any. i just have my eyes set for twu dallas.
    i have been lurking the boards and have gotten so much helpful information. this website is awesome.
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  8. by   goopsy
    yes, it is an awesome website. everyone is super nice and just willing to help and talk. that helps so much. I check it all the time!
    About the HESI- I took it last Sunday. I was happy with my score. About the 84, I think it will be fine as well since it is the first round. On the other hand, I really have heard from people that it is an easy test, so I don't know when they say easy if they mean they passed like in the 70's or if they did excellent in the 90's, you know what I am saying?
    I am a worrier. People get hyped up really easily, and then it freaks me out lol.
    I am not going to say much about the 0.4 bump except that it is quite a bit. last time ppl talked about the bump, twu students got really defensive claiming that community colleges were "easier" than a "university" it was put. I took 90% of my pre-reqs at northlake, and I worked my butt off. In my opinion classes are hard in general, irregarless of where ppl take them.
    I am also applying to UTA. That is it. for the fall, I had my mind set on TWU, and i was superbummed when I got my net scores back and they were not competitive so i couldnt apply. so this is really my first round of apps. I am nervous/excited/scared/happy....basically emotionally unstable lol
  9. by   Lindsay1208
    lol. i remember seeing a post about the .40 bump. i am not going to say anything bad about it because i don't know what kind of professors were teaching at the university. but if someone tells me that they think they are better than me because of where they went to school, they better hope not to ever meet me in person. j
    i know what you mean about being an emotional wreck. i haven't even begun taking classes yet and i am so worried about the application process. i know that it's all in the hands of god, so i just have to let go. i am just a bit ocd, so i want to perfect everything. i am with you about emotions. it seems like one minute i am very confident then i hit my low and doubt myself. that is why i have not applied to uta. i just feel like my gpa is not high enough. besides, the deadline is june 1, and my professor for micro gave me a b accidently, and won't have it corrected until the first week of june since she is out of town. i actually made an a, so i just think it was not meant to be for uta this semester. i know, silly reasoning, but it helps me. its nice to know someone is on the same boat as me. i will be on this thread a lot being that almost everyone on it will be twu hopefuls.
  10. by   ser2011
    oh no Lindsay! wow, I cannot believe that actually happened with your grade in Micro! That's scary that they made a mistake like that! Good thing you're going to get it fixed. If you don't mind me asking, who are you taking Chemistry with? If you have the option of taking it with *********...TAKE IT!

    I did not take A&P at TWU (and of course worked my butt off for a freakin' B!), have any of you heard much about the professor that is teaching it this summer...I think his/her name is ***** or something?

    Currently I'm retaking life-span at TWU, because of a B...

    I am so scared and so excited at the same time about applying...
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  11. by   kimmy088
    I'm applying to TWU for admission for the spring also, but I will be applying to the Houston campus
    I've taken all of my core nursing prereqs (the sciences, stat, etc.)...the only one I have left is a political science in the fall. I'll be graduating with a BS in allied health in december of 2009, then hopefully nursing school after that. i'm SO excited i'm done with classes for fall 08/spring 09 (basically because i was taking anatomy and phys and so many other nursing prereqs)!!! GREAT feeling!

    i was wondering how the NET and HESI A2 compare. Was one harder/easier? I know the sections are different (ie. more science on the HESI), but are they similar on the english/grammar/math parts?
  12. by   kimmy088
    if they are starting to look at only the first grade for the sciences, i'd be really happy! I worked very hard at A&M to get good grades in my science courses the first time around and i'm glad my efforts will be rewarded. It is unfair that they implemented this mid-cycle though. sorry to those that it hurts.
  13. by   butterfly journey
    I'm right there with you ladies, I'm applying Sept 1 for Spring enrollment. I've gotten most of my pre-reqs done except Microbiology which I'm currently taking at TCCD and then I'll finish up the summer with A&P II with a professor at TWU I really like. I take the Hesi on July 10th. I've already taken the NET, just for fun and made an 85 which was really good. I too have talked to **** at TWU and he told me anything above a 75 was reasonable. Also yes, anything less than a 3.9 needs to be worked on if you want to get into the Dallas campus. I'm thankful that I've been able to take my classes there (even though it cost alot) and I get to take advantage of the .4 added to my GPA.

    Now here's my question, are you ladies at all worried about getting a job when you get out? I keep hearing from areas on this board about nurses not being able to find a job and I'm wondering what is going on. I've already been in the working world for 20 years and have a B.A. in Economics/Finance and an M.B.A., I'm not going through this program for my health. I want to work toward a Nurse Practitioners masters program as quickly as I can, but can't get into any program until I've had a solid years experience. How can I get experience if I can't get a job?

    You ladies have any thoughts?
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  14. by   ser2011
    Butterfly Journey -

    On TWU's website it says that you cannot start the clinical portion of the master's program until you have a year of experience as a RN. (of course before you can be in the program you have to have GRE scores, GPA, etc...) I believe that you could just take lecture classes until you meet the time requirement. Just an idea in case you have difficulty finding a job right after graduation, which hopefully will not happen.