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Hello everyone!:wavey: I am starting this thread... a year early. That is how much I want to be accepted into the Fall 2013 BSN program at TWU in Dallas. I am taking my TEAS on August 30 so that if I have to, I can take it... Read More

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    Hey everyone! I am applying for TWU Houston nursing program in for Fall 2013 as well. My GPA after this semester will be a 3.67 or something like that I have not taken the Teas V yet but I plan on taking it sometime in December. I don't have any preferences.. unfortunately but I'm hoping to get a high A on the Teas V so that I can be considered competitive I guess.

    Oh Yea and good good luck to everyone applying

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    Your scores are goood! I haven't taken the test yet...but I am like super determined to get an A! If you don't mind me asking how did you study for it??? What study guide did you use?? What advice do you have for people who haven't taken the test at all yet??
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    The ATI Study guide is really good. That is all I used and I felt very prepared for the test. For me, the weirdest questions were on the science section. Some were not really questions you could study for, they were more analytical and scientific reasoning. Those were the ones that tripped me up the most. But as long as you keep track of your time and do some practice questions, then I think you should be good. And of course, get a good night's sleep and eat breakfast
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    The internal application is up!
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    Oooooo, thank you carlajean!!
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    Quote from carlajeanx3
    The internal application is up!
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    Hey fellow peeps! YAY!!!!

    For those who are interested their is a nursing information session at the Dallas Campus complete with a tour (awesome) on Dec. 14th. I'm going.
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    Oh awesome! Thanks for letting us know! I have been to one before and they are really great! I think I'll go again now that I am further along in the process. The campus is so nice! I highly recommend everyone to go if you are going to the Dallas campus. You will get every question answered, plus we can maybe put some faces with the names.
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    Thank you for letting everyone know, carlajeanx3! I'm scheduled for TEAS in Dec. 1st. I'm really nervous!! Especially after taking online practice test, I scored really bad, and I'm so anxious that I won't do good on actual exam.
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    No problem everyone! and Kkai, everyone says they always score at least 10 points higher on the actual exam than the online one. I scored 11 points higher. The online practice test is harder than the real thing so i'm sure you will do fine!

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