Turnover rate in Houston Metro Hospitals

  1. Hey all:

    I was curious at the quality of work in some of these Houston hospitals (including county and the Medical Center)

    Where I came from (ED) we have a very low budget computer documenting system but the nurses are treated really well and not many of us leave if we don't have to. I just wanted to get an air of the camaraderie or simply the love of the job in some of the EDs that you guys have over there.

    Are there any experienced ED nurses that can help me out? PM me if need be but I feel that the quality of the way the nurses are treated reflects the quality of the care that the patients receive, imo

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  3. by   HouTx
    You may need to narrow this down. Are you referring to facilities in The Medical Center, or other hopspitals within Houston city limits? Suburbs? What level of ED? Otherwise, it might be difficult to interpret your responses.
  4. by   JuLeSx7d7
    no specifically to the medical center but over all hospitals inside and outside of the loop. I not really looking to distinguish between Trauma centers and non trauma centers. Mainly a general overview of how any particular hospital treats their nurses in an ED acute care setting.
  5. by   Mody
    i work in the ER in a suburban branch of one of the big med center hospitals and we cant keep ER nurses!! We have constant turnover and are consistantly short staffed.