Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants

  1. the application deadline has passed so now the waiting game begins. all 2012 applicants please chime in with your status and which location you chose (athens or kaufman). we have a long wait ahead of us so lets keep in touch for moral support!!
    i'll start it off....
    11 points
    no current classes
    my location of choice is kaufman

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  3. by   Faith2012
    11 points
    no current classes
  4. by   gr8txrn2b
    Wow that's great Faith!! Hopefully we will see each other there...I wonder how many applicants they had this year?
  5. by   cword31
    11 points
    No current classes
    Do we know the date of notification of acceptance?
  6. by   cword31
    Kaufman is my choice BTW.. Does everybody think that 11 points with my no current classes will be enough?
  7. by   gr8txrn2b
    @ cword31, I sure hope 11pts will be enough. If they do like they did last year then we should hopefully here something around late March early April !
  8. by   cword31
    Yeah I heard since the cut off date is Dec 1st this year versus last year applications went later so hopefully it will be March... The waiting is awful
  9. by   Faith2012
    thanks gr8txrn2b i hope to see you there as well. perhaps a study group too since i hear it is major in the nursing program. cword31 are you from dallas area or kaufman? this wait is killing me. i try to stay calm but get anxious when i think about it...
  10. by   Faith2012
    i hope 11 points is enough, because i can not increase my points...grrr. if i dont get in i dont know what im going to do
  11. by   cword31
    I live in Dallas, I have heard that a study group is critical to success. This is going to be a LONG WAIT.....
  12. by   pink2003
    I live in Frisco, I have 11 points and not sure about my GPA since I haven't finished this semester. My location is Kaufman.
  13. by   cword31
    Frisco is not to far from me, I am near Plano..
  14. by   Faith2012
    how far is Frisco and Plano from TVCC?