Trinity Valley ADN 2012 Applicants - page 3

the application deadline has passed so now the waiting game begins. all 2012 applicants please chime in with your status and which location you chose (athens or kaufman). we have a long wait ahead of us so lets keep in touch for... Read More

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    I applied with 10 points and 2 classes as well...hoping thats enough!

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    Hi guys, I've applied with 10pts. and 1 current class..... I'm hopeful that we will all get in, this waiting is driving me crazy! : P
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    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i am in!!! everyone check your email, the results are in
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    OMG!!!!!!!! I'm in. Soooooooo excited!!!!!!! 
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    Congrads Wonnica, look forward to meeting you
  6. 1
    Congrats Wonnica and Faith.... I will be there with bells on
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    Hi! I was also accepted into the program. Anyone from the Greenville area?

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