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The Lowdown on Austin Hospitals - page 3

My husband is being transferred to Austin, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I am originally from there many years ago. Anyway, can someone fill me in on the hospitals to work at in Austin. I have 2... Read More

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    Quote from RN4LOVE
    Yes! It is in the NICU. Crazy...I know! It's on Tuesday.
    This is my second time applying, and my first interview.

    and, Thank you! I hope it goes well!
    Working in the NICU in Austin is my dream job, did you do anything different the second time applying? I'm currently working in a different city on a different floor with less than 1 year of experience but I'm applying to the October cohort? Any tips? Thanks (:
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    Hi! Do you ever check this? Can't figure out how to send you an email, but I do have a couple questions about applying to Seton hospitals.
    I'd love to hear what advice you have!