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Hello Guys!!I just wanted to create a new thread for the 2013 Texas tech BSN program! I will be applying this December (El Paso) campus. Is anyone else? I am so excited and hopefully in the near future I can meet you all! I... Read More

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    I've looked at the grove apartments & I think that's where in staying. Everything else is just un doable lol

    Facebook : kierra chante smith
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    Should be just one day!....I could be wrong! But I think only 1 day!
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    They did say it is just one day.
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    I'll also be attending the Abilene campus! really excited to meet all of you!
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    I will be attending the Abilene campus also! SO excited for it to start!
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    im goodness! Wow! Since there fairly new building was built...I wonder if they accepted more students this go around! But congratulations to EVERYONE!
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    Yay!!!! Congrats to you all!!!!! I'm so excited to meet everyone! I wish orientation would hurry and come! Right before they sent us our letters, the coordinator said they were going to be accepting between 70-100. I wonder how many applied and how many they ended up accepting.
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    @chaco21, have you heard anything?
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    @lwood09 nope, still waiting. I check my email every 5 seconds.
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    Haha me too! People who received acceptances on Wednesday had to tell them yes or no by noon today so I'm afraid we won't hear anything until next week