Temple College ADN/LVN 2013 - page 3

Hi everyone. I have already applied to the LVN and will applying to the ADN very soon and I'm trying to find out exactly what it's like in the program. What time do classes start each day and on what days and the same for... Read More

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    Momma78, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, good luck on your hesi retake also... YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

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    thank u guys!!! Yes, I believe that God also has a plan for me in this. Im still happy though and excited!! I will keep youll posted on what happens..I feel that my future is in His path, and I shall follow!!!
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    Godisable2014, I started my shots at the health department. There they only charge $5 a shot. Cheap!!! We will find out soon about everything. I went to the college a couple days ago and Professor Lee said that he will be sending packets out with everything that we need in a couple weeks. I want to go ahead and get my physical done but there is a form or a paper that we need from them I think. I know the shots take about 4 or 5 months to complete and we have to have those done before we can do clincals. See you soon!!!! Yay!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
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    I went for my background check today. I called the nursing department about it and said for me to turn in the card as soon as I receive it in the mail. I told her I already had all of my Hepatitis series shots. Still praying!!
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    That's right momma78, never give up! Hopefully they let you know something sooner than later. I have my hep b series completed as well just dreading all the other shots I have to get tomorrow ;(
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    hello, I am just now finding this page?! but I was approved for the alternate list for the LVN program and am waiting to hear back from the RN program... does anyone know if any body has ever applied for the lvn program and not go in but got in to the rn program?
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    did you turn in your card? because i called and they told me to hold on to it?!
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    did u get it in b4 you went back up there? if so u were supposed to turn it in. I also applied to the RN program and waiting to hear from them. I really hope I made it in this one. God has plans forall of us whether it's waiting
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    i recieved it in march, and called and she told me to hold on to it?! im going to call right now lol. im waiting to hear back from the RN program as well. Good luck!
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    good luck to you also!! Let me know what they told you.

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