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I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    let us know how it was!! good luck to all of you

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    Really an 89.5 in hesi. The subject i was least worried about is what i did the worst on, which was vocab. I think the study guide is worthless compared to the test. On top of that when i just spoke to nursing dept i was told most apps coming in are 4.0 gpa's. I have a 3.5 & now i completely feel like i dont have a chance. Feeling very discouraged right about now :-/
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    Sorry! Try to keep your head never know what could happen. I take the hesi on the 21st and havent studied as much as much as I would of like. I am so nervous and get really bad test anxiety! How hard was the test? Any tips on studying?
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    Beck i studied for almost 2 months & even took a prep course at UTA. When i initially started studying i was terrified of the math. But i got really comfortable & the math was easy. Grammar & reading are pretty much like book. The vocab not so much. I was really frustrated as i was going through it. I studied the book, from quizlet, & took some vocab practice tests online and did great. The hesi vocab was just not what i was expecting. Other than that just study the book and you will do fine. Good luck!
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    @KLP151 89.5 is a great score! keep in mind some of these "4.0's" will be accepted into other nursing programs besides TCC or something happens where they can't fulfill all the requirements needed before Spring semester starts. TCC seems to be accepting more students then other programs and lets not forget about waitlisting, which i read in the past that many on the list go on to make it in the program!!

    One question about the vocab, was it more medical terms or a mix??
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    Hey Chris thanks for the advice. As for vocab there were a few med term words which was no biggie. But the rest was just random words. I wouldnt even begin to know how to study for it. Hopefully you will have better luck than i did. Our class average for the test was an 86. Good luck, let us know how you do :-)
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    anyone taking the HESI this upcoming week too??
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    I just took the exam and got an ok score, anyone know where we can take the HESI again? (I know that TCC only allows one test per application period)
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    Hey Chris how did you do? What section did you find most difficult? I know TCU is doing their Hesi testing right now too. I'm actually taking it there on Friday. I believe UTA has a testing date coming up as well.
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    Well took my HESI today and turned in my nursing school application. I made a total of 88% on my HESI so I'm kinda freaking out now....It says the class average was a 86 but I'm afraid I still didn't score high enough! I do have all A's except for a B in Microbiology... Praying that this is enough to get accepted into Spring 2013. P.S. To anybody studying for the HESI, I would definitely go over Vocab before you take the test. I studied from the HESI study book and still didn't recognize half of the words.... *sigh* I am feeling quite discouraged at the moment.

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