TCC Spring 2013 Applicants - page 29

I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    Anxiety kicking in, in 3-2-1 !!!

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    I am here this morning. This is going to be a long day and I am not feeling my best......imagine that!! At this point I just want an answer either way. Will check back in a while. Come on 5 o'clock!!
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    I got in!!!!!! Check your email!
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    I got in too!!! Check you emails!!!! WAHOO
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    I'm in!! OMG I'm so excited
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    WOOT! Me too!!!!!
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    I just got my acceptance letter. Be on the e-m ail lookout!!!! Good luck to all!!
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    Im an Alternate so hopefully!!
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    I'm in!!!!!!!! Omg....I can't stop crying.
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    Yayyyy! Good news all around!!

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