Tarrant County Fall 2011 Applicants - page 171

Hello, I'm applying to the fall nursing program in January. I'm super excited but I still have some unanswered questions. I tried calling the Nursing Dept at the South Campus and left a message... Read More

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    Hey Everyone, I know I see a lot of you that used to post on here but can you all believe we are almost SENIORS? Good luck in Finals next week.

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    Hello, hope you guys are enjoying your break. Quick question, did anyone have or know anyone that took adult clinicals at HEB. I take adult in the Fall and AMH and HEB really work for my schedule. Thinking HEB because theory is only once a week. Any thoughts? How are the instructors?
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    I did my adult semester at HEB. I loved it and my instructor was awesome but she's no longer at HEB, she's at Harris Fort Worth. Also, the nurses on the floors I was on were excellent preceptors but the groups there on different days and different floors said the nurses were not helpful at all.
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    We made it!!!!! Graduation tonight!! Whoop whoop

    Congratulations to you all
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    WE DID IT!! Congratulations to the Fall 2011-Spring 2013 graduating class! I wish you all much success in your future careers. I know y'all are going to make some of thei most amazing nurses around!

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