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Welcome! I thought it was time to start a new thread for TCC fall 2013 applicants and future hopefuls. I've followed the past 2 threads for TCC and there are at least a handful of us finishing up pre-requisites this summer and... Read More

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    I've sent the link to everyone who has request it or couldn't find it!

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    Do any of all know anyone that's applied for UTA's program? Or have any of yall applied?
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    Quote from katherine_
    Do any of all know anyone that's applied for UTA's program? Or have any of yall applied?
    I applied to both UTA programs and TCC's program
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    Hi, Could I please the the link to the facebook page also? I looked on there and couldn't find it. Thanks!
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    So it seems that the Hesi weighs more than GPA. I am planning to take Chem in the fall and apply spring 2014 for fall 2014. At that point I will have every class needed for the bridge program at either UTA or Tarelton. I work full time now and hope the experience makes the first semester easier.
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    I don't think the HESI would weigh more. I mean the HESI was very simple. I think the GPA should reflect more if they are not equal. :/
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    The website says they are equal but most of the students in my classes have been accepted with 3.75 and 4.00 with a HESI of 92 or greater. Their are exceptions of course, just try to get the best grades and scores you can.

    Good luck!
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    I did not mean that to come out the way it did. My point is there is no reason to give up If i do not have a 4.0. A B will not end it! I can still make it with a decent Hesi score. That is what I meant
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    Oh I see what you mean! You'll do great on the HESI!
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    FYI TCC is changing the dress code for Fall, 2013 to teal tops, teal bottoms, white or black shoes. Good luck to all on acceptance to the program.

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