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Tarrant County College Fall 2012 - page 53

So I think we are well into the application period so, surely it is time to start up this board. I can not wait until we hear back in May. Trying to keep very busy while waiting. Good luck to... Read More

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    Appreciate it but I should have made it more of a detail question. I meant to ask that tcc does the two attempt rule on pre-reqs courses and I was wondering of weatherford does the same? Or just takes the best of the 2.. Or whatever.
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    Quote from sk817
    Appreciate it but I should have made it more of a detail question. I meant to ask that tcc does the two attempt rule on pre-reqs courses and I was wondering of weatherford does the same? Or just takes the best of the 2.. Or whatever.
    I think that they do. Weatherford doesn't put a lot of emphasis on GPA. They TEAS V is worth more point and the bonus classes are a big plus.
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    Thanks Elizabeth for the info on the scrubs!
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    You are welcome Vc!
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    Thanks again student213!!!!!!!!
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    Quote from Elizabeth319
    Ladies, I went to Walmart today and they have scrubs in the colors and styles we need. The brand is called Simply Basic and the tops and bottoms were both $15. I also went to Scrubs Etc. and they had many different options, but I liked the ones at Walmart the best. They were reasonably priced, fit nicely and the material was comfy. Just another option if you are already starting to look! I went to a few different places and still have not found any all white shoes. If anyone finds any please let me know where to look!!
    Skechers makes some great ones. Look at Amazon for the Premix style or Work style. I've tried them both on and was really happy with them. The work style are all white leather and might clean up easier but you can't go wrong either way. Very comfy!
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    Thank you so much Maamcdonald!! I will definitely look at amazon!
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    Your welcome! The work style are at Zappos not Amazon. Here's a pic...

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    Is the grey at the bottom okay? I guess that's what I am confused about. Do they have to be absolutely, completely white? Or can they have a hint of grey on them?
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    I'm reading though everything and realizing my kids are out of school for the summer in 2 weeks. I'm going to have to hit it to get a lot of this done!! Glad they didn't wait until June to send out notifications.
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    These were the ones I bought. I'm probably not the best person to ask since I'm not in the program but I'm confident enough that they fit the bill or I wouldn't have bought them. When they're on, you definitely see 'white' shoes, as opposed to gray and white.

    Speaking of colors, are any of you on the fence regarding your scrubs? There seems to be a lot of different color teal out there. How picky are they when it comes to that? I've really liked Koi and NRG Barco and both are quite different from each other and don't have the word "teal" in their name. They look teal though The Koi ones are actually are a little darker. What are you all finding?
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    Caitlyn, have you finished your immunizations? Other than the physical and background check, I think we just have to wait til orientation before we can do anything else. Oh wait...and shopping. I've been scouting for sometime so that part was easy. I just have to time it out so I don't go broke with one click (which I came close to doing today!).
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    I have finished my immunizations.

    It states that the CPR cert. is due on the third, but then later in the checklist doc states that they will be offering a class sign-up on the third. I need to renew mine. I'm going to call about that tomorrow and see if it is due by that date or not.

    Just need to get into my Physician and have him fill out the form. I just had a physical so, I wish I had known that I would need that.

    Also, I would like to get my books squared away so I can start reading while the kids are at the pool this summer.

    I'm excited about the shopping!! It will just be easier if I can get all of that done before th kids are out.