Tarleton and Tarrant County College

  1. We got a notification that all the details aren't worked out yet, but that Tarleton and TCC are joining forces to do a BSN program at TCC Trinity River East campus, including an AAS --> BSN bridge. Apparently Tarleton staff will be teaching at TCC. Not sure how that works - who actually confers the degree, but it's an interesting proposition.

    I couldn't find any recent posts here about Tarleton. Has anyone had experience with that nursing program, and perhaps how it stacks up with UTA?
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  3. by   TaraAnn91
    That would be perfect!!!
  4. by   theantichick
    Yeah, my original plan was to do the bridge at UTA, but I definitely want to get more information about this new program - has the potential to be less expensive, but I also want to have a feel for the quality of the program.

    I also have to find out if I cannot get a job out of school, what kind of clinical opportunities each of the bridge programs offer. I would happily do the online bridge at UTA, but it looks like it's for working RN's so they get their clinical stuff on the job. I'll be looking at all my options, of course.
  5. by   FutureNurseOrcutt
    heya! i went to get information about starting pre nursing classes yesterday and asked about the BSN thru TCC. She went and asked the nursing advisor (whom i spoke to after that) apparently its like the college is a satellite program for Tarleton. Their classes will be taught at TCC and you get the official degree thru Tarleton. She said it would be implemented within the next year and they would know more about it in the future. sorry i cant provide more info =(
  6. by   theantichick
    Thanks, that answers one question, it will actually be a Tarleton degree.

    I'd love to hear from people who have experience with Tarleton's program.
  7. by   TaraAnn91
    my neighbor is getting her bachelor's degree from Tarleton. She loves her school & the only thing she complained was how far it is from her family. Her family is Fw & Tarleton is in Stephenville. I cant wait to hear some more news over this.