St. Luke's (Houston) CVRR/CVICU

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a CVICU nurse with 1.5 years of experience. I am looking to move to Houston (or Dallas??) next summer. I am REALLY interested in working at St. Luke in the CVRR/CVICU and was wondering if someone on here could share their experience. I am hoping to somehow go tour the facility next month if possible.

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  3. by   HouTx
    I would suggest that you contact their nurse recruiter to arrange a tour. Do you already have a Tx license? If not, you should probably get started on that process right away because you want to be able to move quickly if the right job comes along.

    Are you familiar with the Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston? You should take a look at it before making any major decisions - you may not like all the issues that come with working in that area - offsite parking for instance. Heck, just living in Houston can be a deal breaker - LOL. I'm a native, and adore it but it's certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

    If you decide you don't like TMC, There are large outlying hospitals with excellent CV programs also - most of them are affiliated with the "mothership" facilities in TMC (The Methodist Hospital, St. Lukes, and Memorial-Hermann are the biggies).
  4. by   Lovelymo79
    Yes, I have a TX license. I live in TX. And I have heard of the offsite parking issues. That doesnt bother me. In my business career and in nursing school, I've had to park and ride for many years.
    I do plan on visiting Houston but i'm pretty sure it is my cup of tea. I am originally from the largest city in NJ and worked and lived in NY for many years. If I can survive NYC, I can survive anywhere.
    I will contact the nurse recruiter there but I'm looking for first hand experience in the unit.

    Thanks for the info!
  5. by   Designer NP
    Have you already applied? I can give you some insight on that unit. PM me for more info
  6. by   Lovelymo79
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