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Spring 2013 El Centro College ADN - page 9

Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

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    I think 25 makes for a strong application. Is anyone enrolled in HPRS 2 at el centro I lucked out and got in today I'm pretty darn excited. I need to take cpr this week and I'm done, I decided not to retake hesi my application will just have to do the way that it stands.
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    Question about the physical.... Did you get an eye exam also or did they just leave that part blank ?
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    Hi Yankees77,

    I got an eye exam from the MA at my doctor's office when I went for my physical.
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    Thanks Maunakea !! Just getting the packet together is stressful, but also exciting. 😃
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    Yank I had it done too by the doc. I just got my 5 year science course waiver granted today so I'm super excited. But I think they lost my transcripts to do my education plan. sucks. I think they'll get it straightened out this week prayerfully. Glad to hear everyones getting all their ducks in a row :-)
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    Thanks Morgan !! I called the Dr & they let me come back as take the standard test. As Iong as your transcript is on file & dcccd has already given you credit, you shouldn't need the Ed plan.
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    so I go to print my health form yesterday to get all the necessary signatures after messing the initial one up to notice the form up as of yesterday requires 7 immunizations instead of 6. They added at some point the flu shot which is required on the ap. Am I the last to know? So here I am about to go and get a flu shot before I run down to El centro. Did anyone else notice the change or am I the last to know?
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    Thank goodness you noticed! I got a flu shot at the Dallas County health dept a couple of weeks ago. i tried to get one about 6 weeks ago and the health dept told me they were out and wouldnt be getting any until the end of August. Luckily I was there for another vaccine and they had signs posted that they had flu shots.
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    I was so shocked lol. I ended up mailing in my application certified mail. I'm just glad to get it in ..... So stressful. I was approved for math substitution and the five year course waiver but never received anything in the mail to put with my application. I guess I'll follow up in about a week to see how that works . Any clues on what the cutoff score may be. I'm thinking 21 or 22.
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    I felt a sense of relief just for getting the application completed and turned in. I hope the cutoff is 21 or 22 because I have 22 points, but Im not sure. I dont know many people that are applying. The people I know have less points than me because they found out too late about the the bsn courses and they hadnt taken any.
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    My understanding was that the apps for spring are not as high as for fall. Even in my Hprs II class I am the only person appling for spring everyone else is radiology. I think that Fall is just more appealing to people. I was even told that Northlake usually accepts the lower scores because of the majority of the applicant pool wanting elcentro. I really prefer northlake just becaus e it's close to my home. I don't want to commute or do the train thing but hey if they say I'm in I will. Can't wait until October 31st gets here! In the meantime I get to stress out and put my app for TVCC together!
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    So elcentro received only around 300 applications for spring 2013 for 120 slots . Good for us :-)) I think normally they receive double that amount.
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    Really? I'm sooooo nervous! How did you find that out?