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Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished... Read More

  1. by   Trang5891
    Me too, I just called them today and there was a lady, she said the letters will be sent on oct 31st, even though Mrs Kollin told me in the info session it would be on oct 15th
  2. by   MorganB
    I was told October 15th and then October 31st. I will email Ms. farley and ask her. I'll post if and when i get a reply. But honestly I bet it's the 31st.
  3. by   MorganB
    In regard to the point system situation, the 18/19 cutoff eluded to makes sense. The TVCC cutoff at this point using pretty much the same system is averaging 17 points and there isn't much difference except they give a gpa point and a point for *escapes me*. I honestly think if you have 23 points are better you should get in. But then again who am I , but it just seems to make sense. The people applying for the satellite programs / hospital programs seem to need the more competetive points, as will the Fall class attempting to enter el centro/ northlake as applicants begin to accumilate more of the extra points required to be a competetive applicant. But again who am I lol?
  4. by   jdmar
    MorganB - so the cutoff for TVCC is only 17 points? When are you supposed to hear back from them?
  5. by   MorganB
    So far according to the TVcc got 21 points post, according to one of the advisors the average is around 17. I think we don't hear back from them until spring.
  6. by   MorganB
    Sorry to rain on everyone's hopes of early letters, but per Ms. Pam Farley ( a most reliable source), notifications will be postmarked October 31st. Which Means we should know by November 2nd or 3rd. So in the spirit of pins and needles carry on people. *Smile*
  7. by   Crysj06
    Oh no! I'm dying over here from waiting!!!! Morgan, Did Ms. Farley verify the cutoff for El Centro?
  8. by   MorganB
    No ma'am I didn't ask i'm sure she'd never say.
  9. by   MorganB
    No, I didn't ask her that. I'm sure she'd never say.
  10. by   tkb89
    So much for wishful thinking! Now I need to find a way to distract myself!
  11. by   jdmar
    Hello everyone. So, for those that are accepted, does anyone know when class will start for us? I'm assuming Jan. 2013?

    Also, are there any other threads on here pretaining to El Centro Spring 2013 applicants that y'all are following? This is the only recent one that I seem to find. Just wondering...trying to keep myself occupied while we wait.
  12. by   Asho2087
    Hi everyone!! I applied for spring 2013 and am waiting patiently. I know it's early but I'm still checking the mailbox everyday! Has anyone talked to admissions to see how the points are going since its a new point system? The day before the deadline they said 24 had been the highest so far... Good luck everyone!!
  13. by   kriredmon13
    That scares me? I had 25....lol. Now I wonder if my application had something missing, I checked over it 500 times so I hope nothing is....