Small hospital RN, potential move to Austin. What do I need to know?

  1. My husband recently started at a job with a great future and this could mean a potential move to Austin. It would be in a year or two, but I like to be prepared. What does a potential Austin RN (or surrounding area) need to know before I look for a job in the area?

    I'm associate degree R.N. I work at a smaller hospital (in another state). I have close to 2 years on med/surg, with the last year in CCU (we are small enough I never know where I'll be until I get to work -maybe 1/2 my shifts end up being in actual CCU). I also am trained in Post partum and have at least 2 shifts there a month for the past 6 months. I should be trained in Labor and Delivery by this time next year. Prior to the hospital, I was charge nurse for an 80 bed LTC facility. I love being a nurse and right now feel pretty flexible in what department I want to focus on if I went to a larger hospital. Just let me be a nurse, and I think I'll be just fine .

    So as an associate degree nurse with the experience listed, will getting a job be difficult? Are there hospitals that I should avoid, would love? Also, I am wondering what nurse ratio's tend to be there. We tend to keep ratio's 4:1 on days and 6:1 nights for med surg. 1-2 in ccu and postpartum 2 mom/2babe for each nurse. Thanks for your thoughts
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  3. by   HouTx
    Congrats to your hubby for landing a great job!

    In order to maximize your chances for a great job as an ADN, I urge you to obtain a clinical certification & your Tx license prior to your move. For a CCRN, you will need at one year of ICU experience. If you want to go the OB route, you should look into FHM certification at least. The job market is very tight for new grads, but with specialty qualifications & experience, you shouldn't have any problems if you already have your Tx license. FYI, the Austin area currently has a tighter job market & slightly lower pay than Houston or DFW - but that could be very different by the time you are ready to move.