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Hi everyone! I am just starting a career as an LPN, and was told by my fiance's mother that in Texas, hospitals are so much in demand for nurses that some are offering $50,000 sign on bonuses. Is this true? If so, does this... Read More

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    For that type of money, you probably have to agree to a 5 to 10 year commitment in some hellhole. No thanks.

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    Signing bonuses are so common that they even offer them to recruiting firms. WHo then pass them off to nurses who give referral bonuses to nurses for certain positions. PICU and NICU position mainly since the demand for them is so high.
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    I know that some hospitals in Houston, El Paso and Dallas are offering large bonuses for RN's needed in high demand areas. I do not know about LVN's being in great demand.The bonuses are paid over a period of time so if you quit you do not get it all. Look at the NurseWeek site for Texas hospitals. Or do a search on them as they all have their own websites. Remember, there is a REASON they have to adverstise and pay outside their own area.
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    I like it here in Dallas

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