Seton vs. St. Davids as a new grad

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    I would love any insight on working in these two hospitals in Austin.
    I've been offered a position at St. Davids on the Med/Surg floor as a graduate RN and a position at Seton in the IMC (through the Versant Residency Program). I feel very grateful to have these options, however I'm having a tough time making a decision. Med/Surg at St. Davids is a day shift and the IMC at Seton is the night shift (after the residency). I would prefer days because I have a family and a baby, but the Versant program sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Does anyone know or have experience with the Versant Residency Program at Seton? I'm nervous about the IMC because I'm a new grad. Has anyone gone through the program and can you tell me if you felt prepared for such a challenging unit after the residency? Has anyone worked as a new grad on Med/Surg at St. Davids and if so, was the orientation appropriate?
    I know that St. Davids is a for profit hospital and that Seton is not. Any pro's and con's of these hospitals would be appreciated. I heard a rumor that if you work for Seton a part of your student loans can be wiped out (Perkins I believe).
    Thanks for reading!
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    So which one did you end up choosing, and why?