Seton Healthcare Residency Austin 2013

  1. I feel some surprise that no one has started a thread about this. The application process opened in January for a June start date. Has anyone else applied to this? Does anyone else know any more information? Thanks.
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  3. by   Kitsha88
    I applied to the Seton Residency, but it was in 2011; ended up getting a couple interviews but I didn't land a position (seems to be a good amount of competition), although I know several girls from my school that did. My advice would be to apply early if able, be proactive, go to the open house event and speak with nurse managers/recruiters; get your face and resume out there.

    Good luck
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  4. by   belle292
    Thanks for the input! I'm looking into that program for when I graduate in 2014
  5. by   Valnoslo
    Hi- there is another really huge thread about the residency from applicants who have applied to the last couple cohorts.
    Questions about Seton Versant RN Residency in Austin
    If you go to the end there are more recent comments, but there is some good info in the beginning too.
  6. by   db2xs
    Thanks Valnoslo. I have read parts of that thread. I was hoping to start one up for people applying for the next cohort.

    It seems that we should follow-up with HR/the nursing recruiter. I've applied to several residencies but due to my crazy senior practicum hours, I haven't had the chance to follow up! I will have to make this a priority in the following week.
  7. by   ashleyrosesf
    Hey db2xs! I applied at the beginning of this month. I'm out in California and, unfortunately, wasn't able to attend the open house. However, I've definitely been working at making myself known to the recruiters! All my applications are currently listed as "Routed". They've been that way for about two weeks now. I just heard back from the nurse recruiter yesterday and she said that the managers were reviewing the applications now.

    Even if you don't attend the open house it doesn't automatically disqualify you. Yes, meeting someone in person to make an impression is obviously the most ideal, but I've gotten some really great responses from Seton and other hospital residencies wherein I've never met them before. Just make yourself look as unique as you can in other areas. =) (So don't listen to people when they say that it's the only way or you have no chance otherwise, like other postings on this residency seem to imply. ;-) )

    Fingers crossed for all of us!
  8. by   Pinkie2
    I applied to a 6 or 7 positions this week to various Seton locatons (i.e. Seton Main, Brack, Hays, etc). I hope it is not too late! Good luck to the rest of you, and thanks for starting this thread!
  9. by   obladi
    Being in California and applying to Seton it's shocking how hands on and helpful the recruiters are!
  10. by   db2xs
    I just checked my application and for some reason, it says my application is only 95% completed, which is weird. It says I'm missing a reference, which I know I'm not because I received confirmations for both of my references. I have to get on top of this.
  11. by   born2circulateRN
    Mines did the exact same thing. If you are for sure everything is completed - submit it then contact the nurse recruiter and it will get fixed.

    Good Luck!
  12. by   liddy_adams
    Has anyone moved forward or done interviews? Any new info? My application has been in "Route" forever and it's killing me. This job would be great to have.
  13. by   born2circulateRN
    I applied in the middle of February - my application got routed within the next week and it has been in route ever since - very frustrating. I would, too, love to have this job. Fingers crossed still!
  14. by   jethan
    Has anyone been accepted for the June cohort yet? Do all the managers just wait until the end to notify their accepted applicants? Does anyone know?